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Sounds like an auspicious completion.



Congratulations! and hooray for logical near-impossibilities. A little mystery is not a bad thing.

(love those cornell boxes)


I always have my best ideas just as I'm falling asleep. Many times I jerk awake and run to the computer to type them up before trying to get to sleep again.

Once, back in college, I leapt from bed in the middle of the night and started typing like a madman.

I still have no idea what that idea was because apparently my fingers were on the wrong keys and there was nothing but gibberish on the page.


Isn't there an old story about a screenwriter who kept a pad and pencil on his bedside table so he could jot down any thoughts that came to him. One night he wakes up with the greatest idea for a story there has ever been. He grabs the pad and scribbles it down before it slips from his mind. Then he goes back to sleep. In the morning, he reads the pad. It says, "Boy meets girl."

Don't know where I read that one. If it was in Billy's book, I apologise!

Of course, nowadays it would say "Snakes on a plane."

chesher cat

Congrats on crossing the finish line, Billy.

Consider the timing of the King of Bird's return as a good omen. You are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I see good news in your future. Tra-la-la.


Thanks SheCan, Thanks Jen (one can never have too many Cornell boxes)...

JJ and Greig, a perfect pairing, and I've been both those guys.

Thanks, Chesher, all fingers are crossed (which makes typing kind of difficult, but...)


Way to go on the finishing. Nothing like that last push over the one-yard line.

E.C. Henry

Wow, great post Billy, and let join the line of people to congradualte you on fininshing your manuscript. And I definatley relate to the manicness of being a 2:30 a.m. writing.

Like you, I too, tend to bleed alot of my experpierences in my writing. The rom/com I just finished is my most most personal work to date, though it is quite "fictionalized" too. So even if you knew a lot about you woulnd't know who basis for which characters.

Felt the serepity of life instersect with my world too. Glad to hear your intersection was something nice like a bird, mine are generally negative like another stake in a vampire's heart.

The more I'm in this thing as I writer, the more it rings true to me, "writers are tortured creatures." I hope that isn't true for you, and that you've found peace with your past and are ready for new adventures in your life.

There's nothing worse then living in your past, especially when all it's filled with is pain and broken dreams.

Hope a new bird lands in your yard, which harbors a beautiful maiden, who has her heart set on landing "the Proprietray Man."

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Good stuff, Mernit.


Thanks, Chris, and welcome to L.A.!

Thanks, E.C. -- hope your next writing adventure doesn't prove to be torturous...

And Babs, can I blurb that on my book jacket?


I really need a dog who can predict the future, though I'd prefer a less needy animal. Maybe a bird or a fish, not something that needs walking or cleaning out every day. I have some very important decisions to make. Where can I get one?


Yes, it's really me, your blog-averse sister-in-law. Something or other led me to another blog, which was pretty good but far inferior to yours, and I thought: I really should visit Bill's right now. Glad I did so that I could say: CONGRATULATIONS on your 2:30 a.m. finish just a few short nights ago. And the bird! The bird! For very tangential and inexplicable reasons, this bit of Flaubert comes to mind:

"She found it hard, however, to think of the latter as a person, for was it not a bird, a flame, and sometimes only a breath?"

And hereby ends a warranted (my first and probably sole) blog response. Aversion is comfortable flight/delight. But when kudos are due, one must light and write.

I hope you're drinking champagne right now. Cheers!

chris higgs

Thanks for stopping by my blog… and congratulations on completing your manuscript.

Your bird story is very David Lynchian.

I think you’re absolutely right with your description of the osmosis that occurs during the writing process - real life always finds a way to creep in and smile to the readers.


Lucy, you've stumped me, especially since I'm hung up on figuring how a fish who could predict the future would be able to communicate this to you (and what "future" might it speak of, besides 'water will turn warm, then cold again, before the food gods drop pellets from the big sky,' etc.? I leave this conundrum for other LivingRomCom readers to untangle...

K.O. -- Good grief! This is a momentous entry in the Wonders Never Cease Department -- Welcome! Thank you for the comment -- I'm well aware of just how rare a treat this be -- and for that great Flaubert quote -- and for the poetry (the aversion/write couplet is truly stellar). So, hmmm... Guess now I really will have to write another novel to get more of the same out of you in the future...

Welcome, Chris: Lynchian is high praise in my book, so thanks!


Oh yeah, forgot about the talking thing re: fish. But as for saying what the future could be according to the fish if we COULD speak to them...Are you saying fish have boring lives?! That's shockingly species-ist.... ; )


You took Ambien, didn't you?


MaryAn: You talkin' to me?

Well I HAVE, I'll admit, but on that particular night, no...


Kudos to you Billy! I cherish those moments in life when magic seems to exist even for a brief spell. Who knows, maybe one day, you'll be watching yourself on the big screen of a man playing you who is writing about a man who is somewhat like himself in a book about a man who is looking at a photo of himself in the past...Sometimes things can come in full circle like your bird.


JL, in the hopes that any portion of your fantasy may come true, as they say: from your keyboard fingers to God's ears...

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