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Due to that last picture, can I change one of my choices? :)


I've always thought that if I go into space, I would choose to wear nicer knickers than Ripley. Maybe ones with frills.


"But I'd also wager that the central rivalry between young opportunist and aging diva may have a certain...resonance for the ladies in the house."

DON'T piss me off, Mernit.
Hmm, no one mentioned "Fatal Attraction"...


I finally answered your question! Damn if I ain't always late to the important stuff!

Great last pic, btw!



With you there, Dave...

Lucy, I'm sure that would work, too; just send photos.

Binnie, you are scaring me.

Writergurl: Not making this up --when I was about to post that pic, I actually thought "I bet Writergurl will like this!"


If only I had gotten to the survey early enough-- I could rounded up some guys to take it. Ah well, interesting results anyway!

(and yeah, that pic is totally hot...wish i would look that good in space)


No guys? Well, what about women who have hairy upper lips, eat a lot of beef, cuss, spit, reek of cigar smoke and braid their armpit hair? Will that work? Cuz I know a truck stop waitress who says Tommy Boy changed her life.


I can understand why guys would stay away from answering my recent survey: "If You Had To, What Person of the Same Sex Would You Bang?" But your survey?! No excuse!


Huckle, what a great line for a sci-fi teen comedy: "No, dude, you'll really dig her -- she looks good in space!"...

MaryAn: And somewhere, I'll wager, there's a Tommy boy ready to do that for her again...

Scriptweaver: What were you thinking?!


Oh dear... you've got me figured out!

Good work, and if I knew any single (straight) women in LA, I'd tell'm about ya.



Doesn't this discussion remind you of the scene in Sleepless in Seattle where they talk about the movies that always bring tears--The Dirty Dozen v. An Affair to Remember?


Life-Altering Film Moments

How about The Godfather II when Michael Corleone's wife admits she had an abortion because she couldn't bear to raise one of his sons?
That taught me a lesson: be careful who you marry. Don't marry a man expecting him to change. If you marry the mob boss, you'll get pregnant by a powerful murderer, and you need to think ahead about whose baby you want to carry. Now there's a gender divide. Men may find the Godfather films for other reasons, but carrying a man's baby is a female-only issue, for obvious reasons. I have dated many powerful men in NY, and have to consider that if I settle down with a man, that will change the course of my life.


and another thing.

Touch of Evil
(just remember that the famous Tijuana border shot opening big fucking deal tracking shot (yaawwn) was filmed in Venice Ca... a block from the beach- pre windward farms and burger joints owned by now very pregnant teeniebopper pop stars)

The King of Marvin Gardens


Welcome Angie, and yes it does. And if I hadn't already done my "what movies make men cry?" post...

Welcome ActressModel: Never considered Godfather II from that point of view! Fascinating.

Marken, I do love living near the Touch of Evil colonade...


A fair few women have learned that lesson the hard way too re: pregnancy and dodgy men...I just thank God my first child's dad, though annoying in the extreme, is a primary school teacher!!!

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