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I only do first drafts.

They're perfect the first time around.


(Also. There's a pool on the roof of the school. Want to come check it out?)


Thanks for sharing with us Billy! Can't wait to read your novel! Then you will have to adapt into a screenplay for the movie and invite all of us to the premiere! Yay! I am so interested in what you have to say about the Novel vs the Screenplay Mind...and if both can exist in the same writer.

Writer hugs all!

Alan Green


I posted a link to this post on my blog in a post-work stupor and included a typo in the name of your novel. I've fixed it but, unfortunately, not before it went out into the world on an RSS feed over at BlogDance.

My apologies. What can I say...



Would that I could, Jess, as a pool on the roof of a school sounds cool...

Debbie B! You are the friendliest!

Alan, I'm just flattered that you did such a nice post about it. Many thanks.

Judith Duncan

Love the idea of a character meeting their shadow self.I will definetly try that one.Thankyou for your writing,it always inspires.


I am really looking forward to reading your novel! I was interested to learn that you wrote it in longhand. That is such a different process than writing on the computer--I have this idea that you would have written a completely different book, if you had used your computer.


Judith, you're welcome, and Deena's book, by the way, is chockful of neat exercises like that one.

Patty, I quite agree: there's something primal about scratching a pen point onto the blank page that really affects the whole sensibility of a draft. And writing the draft in a journal, i.e. almost as a continuation of intimate discourse, made it feel all the more personal.

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