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Love sex scenes in movies, but not porn. Only so many guys with handlebar moustaches coming over to fix the fridge/washing machine/etc I can take. Plus the fellas are always ugly and have Moobs, plus I'm not too interested in the actual mechanics of it, know what I'm saying???

BTW, Billy - what do I have to do to get a link on your sidebar? Something rude I hope...


"They even found a few people who claimed to have been motivated by the desire to have a child"

Fell for that one twice! She got me drunk I tell you!

I'm off to complete a study titled "Drink enough beer and you will fall down". Anyone up for being a test subject?

We can then enhance the human race knowledge bank by moving onto wines, spirits and then some lovely ports to round off the study.

I've got chips!


It seems sometimes that the NY Times' motto changes from "All The News That's Fit To Print", to "All The News That Fits, We'll Print!" (And considering that the physical size of the paper is 1 1/2 inches narrower than it used to be, you have to wonder why they would waste the space.)
Did you see yesterday's article about how the number of men's stated sexual partners is much greater than the number of women's stated sexual partners? That's something we all assumed - men are horndogs! - but according to mathematicians, the numbers don't add up and it's a mathematical impossibility, so SOMEBODY IS LYING! I'm shocked, shocked.
Ah the games we play...
Here's the link to the Times article:


I dunno, Lucy, what do you have to do?

Dave: I'd love to be a scientific participant in that one. Hold the chips!

Binnie: Oh Good Lord... thanks for the link. Next we'll have "Scientists Believe Oxygen Good For Humans."

scarlet hip

I think you should write about sex more often.


billy i like the juxtoposition of That Was Then and the Sex Issue. Intended or not. It says allot about just where we are. Not a pretty picture.

Your love and evaluation of Bergman and Antonioni is correct. But there was an ingredient for me which is missing in your recollection. Maybe its because I werent all that bright back then but... I remember having to try to stay awake, or just sleep that deep foreign movie, cheap art theatre sleep while watching their films. They presentative a challenge to the audience. Eventually I learned to stay awake, I learned how to engage, I learned how to read their movies. How these guys managed to invent not only a new grammar but reinvent... (maybe for the last time) the architecture of what we call cinema is really beyond comprehension.

That was then, and sex surveys are now. Boring... both Antonioni and Bergman were really sexy... dark twisted and haunting... they knew about and could convey the psychic heart wrenching, that just the idea of sex could provoke. Now its all knot's berry fuck farm... girls gone topless on vacation... wow...
how provocative.

And as much fun as Resevoir Dogs was (jackie brown is his best)... I feel badly for you that it has created an entire generation of bad knock offs.. and worse scripts.

Daniel W.

Billy, I think some studio needs to get the option on the film rights for that article -- I see it (with some changes, of course) as a teen sex comedy.


Oh, that's like the gover'ment study that discovered "small amounts of saliva taken over a long period of time will kill you."


E.C. Henry

Billy, you're so open when it comes to talking about sex and related subject. I, on the other hand, tend to be inhibited, and talk in veils of subtext. Here's two examples of where I'm coming from.

I would describe sex as type of hokey pokey. "You put your left foot in, you put your left out. You put your left foot in, and you shake it all about..." It's just sex uses a different appendage.


Say I'm starting to feel a little peculiar in presence of a member of femine persuasion, and upon noting my condition she was to spout off, "Is that a bananna in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" I'm apt to shrug, blush, and smile sheepishly.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Scarlet: Well alrighty then.

Marken: It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Daniel: Just go ahead and write it, dude; it'll only face some two thousand knock-offs of SUPERBAD in the months to come...

Writergurl: They will?!!!

EC: Many girls like a guy who can blush.


one more thing... on my theory of your following one story with the other.. and that of course is woody allen...

who said... masturbation is sex with someone i love..

and who, talk about kink... photogaphed his wifes adopted daughter nude (and splayed like a buffalo wing at hooters)... and then married the girl...

and is our linkage as so you aptly describe to Bergman. who knew that jews and lutherans had anything to talk about.. except maybe sex and death.

I. M. Anonymous

My nomination for worst sex scene in an otherwise damn good movie is: Crash Davis and Annie Savoy when they finally (and who didn't see it coming) realize their love for one another at the end of Bull Durham...

Talk about a low score on the chemistry scale---geeeez!

In other news: there's a nice article/interview in the Summer 2007 issue of MovieMaker (titled: Slapstick with a Soul) with the director of "My Best Friend," Patrice Leconte.

Also,there's an interview with "2 Days in Paris" director, Julie Delpy. And a cool piece about the first great independent director, Sam Fuller.

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