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Hi Billy, Anna from Sweden here again. Very well written, thank you for interesting reflections! Speaking of that macho rom-com genre: we all know that stories that are told from a male main character's perspective are more likely to attract an audience of both women and men, than stories with a female main character, that more often only attract women. How come? What would you say is the reason to this? Aren't men interested in what is going on in women's minds? Is this because women are more interested in feelings and human relations - well, that seems to me a little bit too simple as an answer... But still, the phenomenon is a fact (of course with exceptions), be it children's books or whatever. What do you think? Good luck with your novel! Anna

E.C. Henry

HUGE fan of Jason Segals AWESOME work on "How I Met Your Mother." Geeked about "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" untill I read the Seattle Times movie review which bashed the excessive camera time given Marhall's "johnson." Haven't seen "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" to know for sure if excessive genetalia time ruins the show. Excessive genetalia time on "Superbad" made the film live up to its name for me.

Still, hope the Aptow bandwagon rolls on. I figure Judd's not studip. He knows the voice of his critic and one day return to his roots, "40 Year Old Virgin" stuff and still has some highly memorible movies in his goodie bag.

Love your enthustiasm for all things Apatow, Billy. You're a good friend. If I ever get to be big I want you on my my side.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

P.S. Sorry for the late post. My computer's down, and I've been forced to resort to using my labtop to do some last minute editing on a supernatural western thriller for this year's Nicholls. This is the first time I've been online in 4 days.


Anna: You ask the best questions! (And in the case of this post, mysteriously, practically the only questions...)

I'm not sure that men generally "aren't interested in what's going on in women's minds." I don't think they're generally interested in knowing what's going on in men's minds, either.

I think men just have a different baseline for experiencing feelings and human relations. We're hardwired to think in terms of survival (and thus, competition); we DO first and think about feelings later.
And we like it that way! (Feelings confuse the world of Action.)

A man going to see a "woman's movie" sees the writing on the wall: oh, fuck, this is going to be about feelings...! and is thus liable to resist the experience (while women are more adept and experienced in empathy and shared identity, so they're primed to go for it. Don't you think?

EC: I await the day when you will be HUGE.


Another very good answer from you! I think you are right. I'll be back with more questions whenever they pop up! Anna

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