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I've been reading about "the beaver" since early this year. In fact I think I downloaded a copy...

Why do stupid films continuously get made? It's like there is a dearth of both imagination and intelligence in Hollywood.

I'm not sure what you're alluding to with point two; in terms of driving on the right side of the road or netless tennis court...

In regards to CONTINUOUS, I remember, about three years ago, my scripts were saturated with continuous though try as I might I couldn't get rid of them. Shamefacedly(even as a software programmer)this year I figured that I simply had to modify the settings on Final Draft to ensure it doesn't automatically recur. lol


Jammin: Means to say - we observe certain rules and regulations of form as a matter of course, in order to properly communicate and "play the game," i.e. someone once referred to writing in blank verse as "playing tennis without a net," and I use the metaphor here in terms of - why would a professional reader want to read a script that was written in some whacked-out format whose intentions and effects were only comprehensible to its writer, period? Meanwhile: Glad you conquered Final Draft's tic.

E.C Henry

Thanks for the GREAT advice, Billy. Love the picture of the skeleton x-ray, and Mel Gibson in "The Beaver." Can't wait to see "The Beaver" after reading its blog buzz. Mel Gibson running around being ruled by a hand puppet?! Now that's a solid visual movie hook.

Curious to know what the difference between "CONTINOUS" and "CONTINOUS ACTION" is -- if there is a difference at all. Final Draft 8 has CONTINOUS as an option in its Document/SmartType/Times field. One of my screenwriting reference books sites CONTINOUS ACTION as a way to make clear to the reader that no time has passed between shots or scenes. If you'd care to clarify that, that'd be great!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Very interesting. I haven't read the script but "The Beaver" sounds a lot like the Japanese anime "Midori Days" (2004). The main difference being instead of a girl attached to the main characters hand it's a beaver.

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