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E.C. Henry

Great post, Billy,

"Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release. Trust me, madame; I'm a professional."

Robert Downey Jr. tied to a bed wearing nothing but a pillow, uttering that prase to a maid is all I need to see to justify going to see "Sherlock Holmes." Very funny.

LOVE boy meets girl movies. I've written a bunch of 'em too... a couple even have wedding scenes in them! Wanna read a spec which has Kix's "Cold Blood" as the theme for a secondary character's meltdown in a wedding reception? IF so you should read my "After the Glory" spec script; a romantic comedy with a sports accent. PLUS I put more effort into the "poetic" side of screenwriting with this spec then with any other script I've written up to now. In the past I put all my creative effort into scene crafting.

I NEVER write something with the attempt to make a story like someone elses. RATHER, I like to approach marketing AFTER the bulk of the creative lifting is done.

You pose some cool questions, hopefully I, and other writers who visit this site, will get a chance to answer them when it really matters; in a meeting with studio execs. Don't know if I'll ever get to that point (a shouting voice from Bonney Lake only carries so far) but thanks for the pre-meeting pep talk.

- E.C. Henry

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