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Mark Bourne

Marvelous! I've been thinking about this movie an unusual amount lately. It's one of those rare few that really stay with you, whether or not you think it will initially. How well the screenplay works, its wheels within wheels, the performances, and -- to crib from Huck Flnn's question about the stars -- "whether they was made or only just happened."

I clicked, bought it, downloaded it, and can already tell it'll be both an illumination and a delight. Thanks, Danny, for writing it, and thanks, Billy, for posting this.


Welcome Mark: Glad you enjoyed the post, and I think you'll find the book illuminating. I'm having a good time checking out your blog.

Mark Bourne

Well then -- Welcome, Billy! Your blog has been one of my favorite discoveries lately. Wish I'd found it years ago. I'll be checking in frequently, catching up on your older posts as well as your new ones.

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