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Rob in L.A.

I'd be interested to know how this Isaac guy put all of this together, and how long it took.

Incidentally, here is a go-big proposal that actually involves a rom-com:

Judith Duncan

hey Billy,
The romantic in me is also a little saddened,that there isn't anything like a private moment anymore.


Thanks, Rob - pretty funny stuff.

Judith: This is one of those OMG synchronicity moments, as I just finished reading a spec screenplay (meaning, literally one minute ago) about a guy who totally screws up his wedding because he's an indie filmmaker who tried to integrate his real wedding into the movie he's been making. And your comment is totally, like, the subtext of this script!

And aside from that, the romantic in me kind of agrees with you, too.

david clive

they all seem to be having a great moment but it's nice to see more people share my dislike of this clip.

too much "look at me! let's be youtube stars! i'm not even really singing."



David: I feel your pain.

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