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E.C. Henry

Really starting to pull for the protagonist of this series. In fine tradition of rom-com lore it is going to end well for him, isn't it? Would be so dissappointed to finish this read and find the loveable protagonist NOT getting the girl in the end.


Reality-based MPDGs are relentless and often not fun to hang out with for more than a few hours. Maybe it's just my experiences, but these types of girls are always running full throttle - usually because they're running from something BIG.


EC: Funny man. Like I'd a write a rom-com without some kind of happy ending?!

JustMe: Agreed. Problem is, they're often inordinately sexy.


Really enjoying this series. I hope you finally got laid.

Wouldn't Meet the Parents be more of a buddy comedy? Seems like the purpose of the story is for Stiller to win over DeNiro. Or is buddy comedy a subgenre of RomCom?


Gabe: I look at PARENTS as a high concept comedy/ romantic comedy hybrid. The high-con is "the father-in-law from Hell," and the rom-com is the film's central question: Can Focker marry Pam? If you remember, the movie actually begins with Stiller rehearsing his marriage proposal, and that central question remains the motor throughout.

Re: your last question, I see them as buddy or sister genres, in that both kinds of comedies ask if two individuals will "couple" in the end. In fact, some pop sociologists theorize that buddy comedies are really disguised homoerotic love stories - and the late 2000s surge of "bromances" in a sense bears this out, i.e. they're actually love stories between heterosexual men.

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