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E.C. Henry

Can't wait to see this movie. Think it's being released in the Pacific Northwest (the Seattle area) next week, because this week it's not in any of the theatres, YET the Seattle Times did a review of the movie in their Friday edition.

HUGE fan of Rachel McAdams. LOVE her as a heroine in a rom-com. The new "it" girl? Hmmm... Well, I like her anyway.

You're so blessed, Billy, to have been given the priveledge of reading and doing notes on Richard Curtis' work. What an honor to get to work with a pro like Richard Curtis. We need more Richard Curtis' in the world. Wish he'd write a rom-com every year or two. I don't think we've gotten enough out this man.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Sue Hepworth

Apart from Four Weddings, I am not a fan of Richard Curtis' Rom-Coms. He doesn't speak to me in the way that Nora Ephron does/did. I've always thought his Rom-Coms overrated, as opposed to his British sit-com Blackadder, which was brilliant.
And if I had not read this post, I'd be avoiding this new Curtis film. But if you really think it's worth seeing, I'll give it a go.

Bradford Richardson

Billy, Beautifully, and expertly written analysis. A sweetly positive recommendation too. Thank you.


EC: Well, the good news is that although he's said he doesn't want to direct any more films, he does intend to write more...

Sue H: I fear that if Curtis isn't your cup of tea, the new one won't speak to you, either - it's pretty much more of the same Curtis! - so please don't go on my account.

Thank you, Bradford: Glad you liked.


Sadly, I will never see this movie since it's shot in shaky cam. A very poor decision -- it makes it unwatchable by 5-10% of the public. That's how many of us get sick when watching movies/TV with the shaky camera. And the shaky camera NEVER adds to the story. In fact, I find the worse the script is, the more you need unmotivated camera moves and CGI. If the script and acting are good, then there's no need to attempt to artificially create excitement by having the cameraman simulate an epileptic seizure while filming. Too bad.

Roland Denzel

Thanks for the great 'review!' I'm a huge fan of Curtis, but I cringed when I heard the time travel part. I never imagined mixing such real life works with a sci fi ingredient. Not that his regular worlds are realistic, but you can pretend and do just fine.

I would have gone anyway, but I might have gone alone, instead of taking my wife (she's a fan, although I'm sure she doesn't know it (she just watches his movies with me and loves them)).



Dave: Understood, and that is a shame. About Time is not half as shaky as many of the movies that truly abuse this technique, but even so... Sorry to hear that this is a barrier to your experience, and thanks for bringing the issue to everyone's attention.

Roland: The sci-fi factor is played way down; the "technique" used by the characters to time travel is so minimal and simple that it seems a tongue-in-cheek parody of such devices. I think your wife will be fine with it.

Rob in L.A.

What do you make of Curtis' penchant (or at least that of a few movies from his scripts) to pair British men with (North) Americans women (and in the case of "Bridget Jones," an American actress playing an Englishwoman)? Is it just to make his movies more marketable overseas? Or is there more to it than that?


Rob, from the interviews I've read it's almost Rashomon-like: McAdams speaks of having "reached out to Richard" about being in the movie, while he talks about having badly wanted her and thinking she wouldn't want to do it. But neither (and no one I can find online) addresses this Curtisian tic that you've rightfully pointed a forefinger at. My own personal theory - wholly unsubstantiated by fact so far as I know - is that Curtis saw how well he did with "an American girl" in Four Weddings, and has thus been repeating himself (consciously or un) ever since - with, I'm sure, the support of an American studio (my own) who would absolutely want to cross-pollinate such very British products with at least one American star.

Debra Montoya

Don't feel guilty, Billy! Come over to the sappy side. It's delightful!

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