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Any computer geeky book would do it for me.


"christian self help book"? FRIGHTENING.

"atlas shrugged" is pretty high on the "i run for cover" list.

Bill Sebring

I'm more than a little suspicous of childless adults who read children's books (Harry Potter!) and am downright frightened of folks who force themselves to plow through Tom Clancy. But that's just me...


You got mine with LRH's backbreaking work of stupendous idiocy.

gwen juvenal

then you'd definately run if you saw what I read Billy.

For me though, If someone was reading about things like "how to make bombs" or "the ins and outs of Terrorism", that would pretty much make me turn around. But of course I'd smile before doing so, just in case he hadn't picked a target yet.

Tod Goldberg

Provided I were single, naturally, any of the Left Behind series, anything that begins with "Men Are From...", anything that begins "Idiots Guide to...", and anything written by James Patterson Inc.


That's a tough one. I read a lot of crap myself on the days I want to be entertained and not educated. Maybe it's wrong to persecute someone for reading in an era when, supposedly, nobody does.

But that being said... yeah. Heavily religious stuff. "How to Talk to a Liberal." Anything by ultra-conservatives. I agree with the adults reading kids' books. Though then again, I just read "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (It was research.).

I think you have to monitor the situation through at least 3 books so you can establish a deal-breaker trend. Some people may read awful books for surprising reasons.


...Kristen, how could I have left out Ann Coulter?! Absolutely. But braving 3 books? You're a braver soul than I.


Lol! I never saw this post...

FYI, I often pick up a copy of the National Enquirer in the airport to PREVENT men from talking to me on the plane, so there's the flip side.


I never saw this post either! I almost choked on my breakfast when I saw your deal breaker titles. I think I would have to add those to my list too!

For me it would depend on the situation. For instance, if I saw a guy who seemed shy and a bit geeky, who was reading a book called "How to Pick Up Hot Chicks" I would think that was sweet and funny.

However, if I saw someone who was a clone of Tony Manero from 'Saturday Night Fever'reading the same title, I would be turned off.

That was actually a bad example because I would have been turned off regardless of his choice of reading material...

Well, hopefully you got the point anyway.


Christina: Brilliant strategy (The Star would work, too) although there's always the risk that a Federline-like fellow might find you enticing...

Denise: Yes, that's a good point--not just the title, but who's carrying it -- context really is everything, I s'pose...

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