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I'm bummed I missed the Dylan doc. I had even planned to see it.

I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on "Bob & Carol& Ted & Alice." I loved that movie when I was younger, but haven't though about it in years.


i always saw 'the hour when the ship comes in" as an old fashoned cartoon which showed the little rocks standing proud with their arms akimbo, on que, etc etc. maybe you could toss that into the mix. or you could just show the receptionist and manager getting run over by a bus a few hours after bob and joan checked out of the hotel. i never dreamed i would know the story behind that song.


Uh-jim: and the additional story, not voiced in the documentary, is that the song is clearly an homage to (i.e. kind of a rip-off of) Kurt Weill's "Pirate Jenny" song, with its "ship, the black freighter" that mows down Jenny's adversaries -- which Dylan acknowledges as an influence, in "Chronicles."

Clair Lamb

You could write a whole movie out of the song "Diamonds & Rust."

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