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very funny, good story. by doing nothing the enlightend man gets over one thousand people layed, and helps dozens of people meet their future spouses.


Paralysis=Inspiration?? Anyway, for what's it's worth...we tell everyone you wrote 'clouds in my coffee'. And you did look just like the Big D. All this is making me terribly homesick for the past. I sure hope you find your story - I'm there!

Bill Sebring

You're on a roll; these music posts are terrific.


Uh-jim: well I dunno about "enlightened..."

Bonnie: Thanks for the comment, and I'm clearly homesick, too...

Bill: I'd feared this music stuff was getting too far afield of the blog's stated area of interest, but if it's working for you guys... Thanks for the support.


I loved this story. Brilliant!


Hey. I'm a 17yr old brazilian kid whose hairstyle has just went blowing in the wind, hehe. And i've been really up to a RTR record i got. So yeah, thanks. Nice story.


Welcome, Pedro: Glad you enjoyed. Though I'm not bi-lingual enough to be able to read you, I love all the band photos on your site! Rock on, dude...

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