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I've gotten so turned off to comedies that I don't even watch the one I like, Arrested Development. It was the laugh track, man. The laugh track did it to me.


The whole first season of Extras is sooo worth watching. I think the reason it'll be popular among writers is because we have more in common with extras than with actual actors. I.e. if, as a writer, you've ever been at an industry party and felt like you really *should* go talk to people, but feeling that way also made you feel like a bit of a loser... that's the feeling Extras taps into. Awkward. Painful. Hope.


Jennica, I think you're really onto it -- writers, especially in this town, can end up feeling like extras even on their own movies...!


I watched Extras last night and I loved it. Thank you for the recommendation. I had heard about it, but I don't think I would have bothered if you hadn't given it such a stellar review.

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