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Thanx. I needed that.


Very helpful post, Billy.

Your commentary on the scripts you've read is useful for me as a writer. Maybe, I should try a romcom. I don't know.

Clair Lamb

I second the applause. I staggered out of "Must Love Dogs" with a good friend, half-laughing, half crying -- because, as I said to my friend, "I'd have been better off spending the last two hours doing crack." That movie was SUPPOSED to be for me, as a 39-year-old single woman -- and I felt like I'd spent two hours in one of the Ministry rooms from 1984.

A romantic comedy about a 39-year-old crack whore, now -- THAT has possibilities.


Julia, Dean -- glad to be of service.

And Clair: Please! Write the Great American Crack Whore Rom-com!
(Didja know that the original "Pretty Woman" script had a black protagonist who didn't get the guy in the end?)


Lovely, lovely post.


Hi Billy... I'm finally de-lurking, to say thank you for the site (and for your book). As a student of the rom-com, I owe you.

I couldn't agree more re: Eternal Sunshine. Innovative concept and structure aside, what I liked most about it was its ambiguous ending. Lately, I'm clinging to stories that have any remotely human moments in them, or some complexity in the choices to be made. Did you see 13 Going on 30? I actually liked the "I'm sorry, I made my choice, I'm marrying her" moment from Mark Ruffalo. Like I said, I'm clinging...

Also, I posted an entry on my blog in August about Wedding Crashers-- with a nod to Lolita. Must be something in the air!

Thanks again--


Thanks, Andel.

And Jennica, you're so welcome. I liked that Ruffalo moment from 30, too -- in that it was a rare "ohmygod this isn't working out like a movie!" moment... before, of course, it worked out like a movie.

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