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A beautiful story about a fantastic time that will forever be besmerched by wide lapels and silly ties. One of the reviews I read for Rancho Deluxe said it was proof that Hollywood used to (in the 70s) make movies for grownups.


Congratulations on blending your rom-com themed blog with the richness of that incredible time. You have many talents and it's hard to be a renaissance man...too many flames to fuel. I remember, very clumsily, having to dress up for some Fellini-esque movie of yours and putting my tongue in your ear...or did I dream that?? b.


JJ, as Neuwirth said in the Scorsese doc: in those days, it wasn't about how much money you made, it was about "did you have something to say?"

Bonnie, years of drug abuse have fried many a memory bank, so I'm not entirely sure about that tongue but I do like the sound of it; as Bob once said, "I'll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours..."

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