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And exactly what is so bad about being a periphery man??? What a precious memory! Actually, I think you are to be congratulated for actually having let her go. She's such a treasure; I would have been tempted to lock her up and keep her all to myself.


What a great story. And for those who remember the 1970's, Diane Keaton will always been the prototypical 'romantic comedy' icon, just like someone like Carole Lombard or Katherine Hepburn were for a previous generation and Meg Ryan was for the 80's-90's. I've never had the luck to meet her, like you have, but whenever you saw her on a talk show, she just seemed like such a classy and honest woman. She continues to be a funny and beautiful actress.


Princessbrat, you're right -- it was a life lesson in restraint.

Neil, she's all that and a side of fries. And you're inspiring me to revisit the last time I saw Keaton... which could well be the next "Clouds" post...


Can you please remind me of the song Diane sang in Annie Hall? It's the same one that also showed up as a theme in "When Harry Met Sally" (My other favorite- revisited last night.)

keaton fan UK

It would be wonderful to be able to buy a CD of Diane Keaton's marvellous singing voice - I refer primarily to her songs in her films, but anything sung by her would be great. I have been looking for years, and I find no way of conveying this information to her. It would be so much easier than copying from each of the film videos.

keaton fan UK

I absolutely agree with "keaton fan UK | January 09, 2007 at 09:55 AM". Where is the CD of all Diane Keaton's film songs - from Annie Hall, Radio Days, Reds, etc?
Doesn't she know how lovely her voice is?


Valerie: The song is "Seems Like Old Times" (originally an Arthur Godfrey radio theme).

Keaton Fan UK: Wild horses prob'ly couldn't drag such a CD out of Ms. Keaton at this point, but we can only hope that some enterprising entrepreneur gets a compilation together...

Keaton Fan UK2: She didn't know then... maybe someone could convince her now? But who?!


Absloutely LOVE Diane Keaton. AND her sweet voice.


Dear sir.


It's 5:49 am in the city of Miami and I'm writing a Short message to some dude named ( Mernit).

I have never done anything like this before and I'm pretty sure I won't ever do it in the future but, after once again having a sleepless night I found myself watching Annie Hall for the first time in 20 years.

Here is where you come in.

I remember being a 12 year old boy sitting in the ( Southland ) Theater back in 77 and having a really weird feelings hit me like a ton of bricks , I was confused and I began to experience feelings that made me kinda sick.

Of course after years passed I finally had that light bulb moment and realized that Annie ( Ms.Keaton) made me melt when she sang to me in that big comfy movie house chair.

Anyway.. I was watching the film again and while watching her sing, It all came back to me in a rush of pubescent nostalgia and I simply had to Google Ms. Keaton, I wanted to see if I could get her voice on CD , anyway while looking for the soundtrack to Annie Hall I found your blog.

Well, here's the rub, I was seriously moved by your words dude, this is all I really wanted to say to you.

Thanks you for putting into words what I had felt and still feel about the lovely Ms.Keaton.


JC Hernandez


JC: I'm glad you found the piece and were moved. It's been years since I had this experience, and it still stays with me - getting to work with Diane in that particular time and context truly enriched my life.

Sadly, to the best of my knowledge, there is no CD extant of Diane singing...

Thanks for reading and commenting.
And get some sleep, brother!


D White

There's a nice RomCom in that. It'll sell. Do it!


Sure, dude, I'm on it. Check this space sometime before the end of this decade, and...

But seriously, D: I have thought about these Clouds posts as the basis for a project, and every now and then I do sort of... mull it. You're inspiring me to revisit the material once again, so: thank you for that.

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