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Reading this blog reminds me of how happy my dating days - in NY or anywhere - are over... I was the waitress of course - once dated a guy who told me he palled around with INXS and Jay McInerney (whatever!) - it still wasn't over until I saw him on Phil Donahue essentially talking about what a player he was - I still thank god the phone lines were tied up or I could have made a bad situation worse. Anyway, if I were Kiki, I'd have believed you, because everyone in NY knows at least a few fancy people, and not unimportantly - Diane Keaton and Stephen Sondheim are way cooler than INXS and JMcI. It's true though - especially in Chicago every time I mention someone remotely known that I know or have known, I feel like an ass.


Indeed, Betsy, but isn't it odd how we still feel compelled to say it, anyway...



Bill Sebring

This anecdote is delightful, really. (And, as you allude to, cinematic as well!)


funny story, i dont think i know any celerities, but as a child i was often mistaken for jay north, signed his name many times.


At the risk of revealing my own insecurities, I'm going to propose another way of looking at this situation. If I were a waitress on a first date with a writer, and that writer only approached acquaintances, (famous or not), when I was not around, I would have decided he thought I was not smart enough to meet his "friends."


Denise, in truth it wasn't about Kiki not being "smart enough," but about my own first-date insecurities (i.e. barely knowing her, and already being tentative about approaching said celebs)...


Oh...I wasn't implying that you didn't think she was smart enough. I didn't get that impression at all. I was just suggesting that maybe she thought you were thinking that. But like I said, that's the insecure point of view. :)


being waitress is kinda boring don't you think?being waitress is kinda boring don't you think?


Rata: But being machine that posts inane comments on blogs for no discernible purpose is so much duller don't you think?

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