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Thanks for the shout-out. I look forward to seeing this film sometime soon. I'm very curious about it. Sounds like the antithesis of the overblown formula film.

I have been wanting to ask you about the point you made in your book, about the B-story's completion being dependent upon the A-story's (the romance's) success. Can you discuss this a bit on the blog? Any recent movies (not in your book) that are good examples of this? Good examples but also "easy" to watch, not contrived, just organic?

(I'm thinking of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" as an example of an extraordinarily non-organic A/B parallel plot.)

Also, when are you next teaching a class that I can sign up to take? ; )


I saw Steve Martin recently in that romantic comeday with Alec Balwin and Meryl Streep. Well, actually he was only funny one time: when he smoke Marihuana. Reminds me, what he was once saying, that private he is not funny at all. Actually, I think he played himself in that piece :)

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