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That last line says it all, but you do realize that once all the writers catch on, it'll put an end to the money-making seminars that proclaim to make you H'wood-savvy? You might just want to hang on to that hockey-mask after all...

Fun Joel

Great post, Billy! Thanks for "having our backs" on the reader front (er, that sounded like a pun, but was not meant as one!).

Feel free to stop by my Sunday seminar at Screenwriting Expo (I saw you were presenting there as well), "Writing to be Read." I'll discuss how to think like a reader when writing, helping a writer move beyond those famous 500 ways! Look forward to catching up at the Expo.


As a former freelance reader for several years, I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to recommend scripts outrightly because I knew that would mean everyone would read it -- and I was putting myself out there. Maybe if I were on staff or felt like I had more job security, I would have felt more open about taking chances. But I'm glad to hear that the writers and readers didn't exchange blows at the seminar.


Neil, you're right -- I can remember when I was in my first few months at a given freelance gig, being cautious about "considers." I've been spoiled since -- at the studio, I feel trusted enough to take my shots when they seem fit.

Anyway thanks for stopping by -- I'm a big fan of

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