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Happy Hanukah, Billy. Or Channukah. Or Chanukah. Or Khannakah. You know, Jews really will kick ass once they agree on how to spell that word.

What the heck, happy holidays.

Julie Goes To Hollywood

What a nice post for the global village. The news update is that, after a little battle of wills between anonymous blog commenteers, Julie of Hollywood is in fact going for Christmas in Umatilla. Hopefully I will find something to blog about relative to my topic, other than wild pig hunting with my dad which I suppose could be very cinematic in a Deliverance sense. Thanks for everything Billy and best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday. Julie

John Donald Carlucci

Happy holidays Bill.



Thanks for including me in the stocking, Billy. It's cozy in there and I'm sheltered from the madding crowd in all its shopping frenzy.
Here's to a happy holiday home alone, a toast of mulled wine to you.


JJ, Julie, JDC and J-natalie: Best wishes to you all for a happy healthy everything holiday!

...and Julie: wild pig hunting in Umatilla? Really? Can't top that...


I, too, will not be travelling this Holiday season so I thank you for this very interesting list. Ok, well, except to my Aunt and Uncle's place for Christmas dinner and gift swapping. However, considering that they live about 45 minutes away, that's not much of a commute... so, I will be mostly "home alone" too. Like you, I'm fine with that.

I've enjoyed your blog... I even bought myself your book for Christmas. I'm planning a romantic comedy as my next script, you see. So, I'm looking forward to the pearls of wisdom from a man who was so desperate to write he pretended to be a woman!

Happy holidays!


Thank you Writergurl, I hope the book helps! And may your home alone holidays be suffused with (quiet) fabulosity.

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