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blurker bunny

Well, I’m a thirty-something screenwriter in the online professional program at UCLA. I live in North Pole, Alaska. Yes, I’m serious. Go ahead and laugh. I’ll wait.

In the grand scheme of things, I'm just a blip on the radar. I have one very indie film under my belt, which is currently in post-production, and for which I didn't even get screenwriting credit. Oh well. The project is now going in a different direction, so perhaps it's best, anyway.

I’m interested in the rom-com stuff, because, well, I’m interested in writing rom-coms (working on one for class, and have another in the works). I’ve found your book and your blog to be very helpful, which is why I stop by every day. I find your non-screenwriting posts to be quite amusing as well, especially the Periphery Man series.

And the reason I don’t post? Well, it’s certainly nothing personal. Frankly, I just don’t have the time. As a temporary single parent (deployed spouse), I’m having a hard enough time trying to find time to write for school, sleep, and take care of my toddler daughter who believes she (and everyone else) is a bunny, let alone post on a blog. As soon as I have something that resembles free time, I’ll post. Until then, I’m hanging out in the lurker’s loft.


Heh - for the first two paragraphs of Blurker Bunny's reply I though "My God - it's Ed Chigliak".

I'm still here, still reading - using Bloglines mostly, so I probably don't show up on your stats all that often.

That means I don't comment often, because I don't often actually visit the blog itself. Still enjoy reading it though. Sorry and all.

And if you're interested in where people are visiting from, get one of these (the pro version that costs a little rather than the free one). They're brilliant:


Blurker Bunny: See now, you've already made my day! I love knowing that there's a stalwart soul reading me from the North Pole. Hope you're keeping warm. I guess one advantage is you've got a ringside seat when Santa takes his deer up... I thank you for the feedback, wish you luck on your rom-com project -- and you can tell your daughter that there's a bunny in Los Angeles who thinks her take on things is exactly right.

Hey Andy, thanks for checking in. I hope your work goes well, and thanks for the reminder on the cluster map -- I've seen them on other blogs, and been meaning to set one up, so maybe after the new year... Happy New Year!

The Awful Writer

HI, I'm a frequent reader/infrequent commenter of quite of few screenwriting blogs. I usually do my blog reading at night just before going to bed and am too tired to think of clever things to say.


I too apologize for not posting comments. I guess I am just a right-bastard since you have posted comments and suggestions on mine. Would you expect less though from a mid-Western, small town journalist hack who snarked your blog the first time I read it and posted about it on my own weblog?
I have one suggestion, more photos of leggy women with stockings on your web site. Oh, and please keep up the critique/commentary on the film industry. It keeps my small ember of academic, writing dreams alive as I slug through editing columns and stories about the war on Christmas that dull my brain and leach out any creativity.


Hi, i'm from Portugal, i'm 25, and i also read quite a few screenwriting blogs, altough i've commented in very few and in very rare occasions. Maybe because i'm not confortable writing in english, but specialy because i've often have the feeling that, since you don't know me, i'm might be somehow interfering.
It's like when we're on a bus and we hear the person next to us asking something to a friend and he doesn't know the answer, but we do. I end up never giving the answer, because that would imply overhearing all the conversation. Devious isn't it?
Anyway, I'm formally introduced.
I would just like to congratulate you for your blog. I hope you keep it up, because I just can't wait to see what other secret identity you're hiding up your sleeve.
Your book is on top of my "to buy" list. I blame it on the blog.


I meant: ...imply showing that we've overheard...


Dude, you know I'm no lurker but I have hated Godard ever since film school, so I just thought silence was the better part of keeping a friend.

And it's not because I'm from a Red state, you know how Blue I am. I just don't like his stuff. We had to watch it over and over again... Jesus, I'm getting Nam flashbacks. I have to drop this.

Scott the Reader

I don't lurk nearly as much as I should. I'll try to lurk more in the future, and drop a pithy bon mot here and there. Though in terms of Godard, I think his '97-'98 season with the Pittsburgh Penguins was his best.

And I agree, keep the sexy pictures coming. Especially since I'm too dumb to know how to put pictures on my blog.


Welcome, Awful Writer -- I know that before-bed blog fatigue very well, so thank you for saying hi on your day shift! I'll be checking in with your blog, which looks like fun...

Brian, it's always a pleasure, and if I can find legit excuses to post more nice cheesecake, I certainly will.

Tiago, it's great to meet you -- your English is great and BTW, I love your language, which I know mainly from Jobim, Caetano and other musical Brazilians. Thank you for the blog praise!

Damn, JJ! 'Cause I just sent you the Godard Box Set (26 DVDs) for Christmas, and if you try to trade it in, an erudite Frenchman will curse you out and explain why all your political stances are wrong, for like, 2 hours... Quel Fromage.

Welcome, Scott -- I agree that Jean-Luc kicked butt with the Penguins (tho I never got why they traded Rivette for that total lightweight, Chabrol). Re: the sexy pics, clearly I'm now a man with a mandate.
Meanwhile, it's great to hear from you here -- and any film/ screenwriting folk who haven't yet visited Scott's most excellent "Alligators in a Helicopter" blog, click on his name and check it out.


How I found this site: I followed the blogger profile bread crumbs after you left a nice comment on my blog.

Why I come back: I like the cut of your jib! More specifically - I do like the screenwriting and rom com posts, but my most favorite recent posts have been about the Arcade Fire (thanks for the rec), the dinosaur reading light, and the revelation of your life as a romance author (I laughed so loud at part 1 I scared people).

Why I don't leave comments: I am inherently lurky. It's a thing. I'm working on it. It's benign, if that makes you feel any better.
I always look forward to reading what's new and hope you have a wonderful holiday.


I'm a rookie screenwriter who's just started his second screenplay and is also working on getting a few TV specs under his belt. While rom-coms aren't my favorite genre by any stretch, I try to soak up knowledge of all genres since I have so many ideas and may one day try the rom-com route myself. I check your site regularly and appreciate the info you make available. One more lurker exposed.....


Jen, you are the sweetest thing. Your benign-ness does make me feel better, as always -- I love your Law of Sympathy. Happy holidays to the nth degree.

Writebrother, thanks for exposing yourself. Speaking of which, your post about being reunited with the hot model and the You of 5 years ago cracked me up. Must start reading you regularly...


Hmmm, I dunno if I'm offically a lurker or not as I've made a comment or two... but I thought I'd chime in anyway.

I'm a newbie screenwriter who made the semi-finals in the most recent Writer's Arc Fellowship competition. I've only been screenwriting for a little over a year now. My first screenplay was a character driven drama and I want to branch out a bit so I thought I'd explore an idea I pitched for the fellowship. (I got feedback that it was a good idea.)

I live in Atlanta with my dog, although we will soon be pulling up stakes and moving to L.A., as it seems that ONLY there can a screenwriter get a career off the ground.

And, since I'm a lesbian, I have NO problem with you figuring out how to add more eye candy to your site!

Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight, both on this blog and in your book. I'm looking forward to reading your book. Now, if it would only GET here!

Lee Thomson

Morning, Billy

I often wonder the same thing about my own "blurkers." On one particularly memorable day, a single one of my posts was hit 350 times and not a soul had anything to say about it. So I complained and, like you, drew a few people out of the woodwork.

Whether or not they still visit I can't say.

I added you to my round of screenwriting blogs when I found you out (can't recall how) about a month ago. I like your anecdotal posts, and particularly enjoyed "My life as a Woman." I'm not a great commenter, mainly because I keep track of a couple dozen blogs and tend to read them in NetNewsWire via their feeds while having breakfast, before heading off to work - I live in the UK so most folk I read tend to post overnight.

Anyway, like most of the other folk above, I am a scriptwriter in training, with the ultimate aim of becoming a UKTV writer in, oh, three or four years. I love the blogging scene, the scribosphere as it's known. I love that the web is such a great leveller - struggling nobodies get to rub shoulders with established pros and, as long as they're putting in the hours, get treated as equals. It's been the prime factor in actually getting me off my arse this year and starting to work, and simply by being out here, you have done your own little part in making that happen.

Thankyou for blogging. And merry Christmas.


I love romantic comedies! All that romance. That comedy. That sexy banter. The beautiful stars. The "cute" meet. The inevitable realizing that the couple is made for each other, despite crazy odds.

Godard? Who the fuck is that?

Honestly, I'm also one of those film school grads. And if you had to sit through just one lecture by this one particular film studies professor talk about Godard, you would also start to shudder uncontrollably at the mere mention of his name.

(Uh, I do know you teach. Tell me now, should I avoid taking any of your classes?)


I am a newbie screenwriter stuck in the advertising world in austin, tx. I browse 5-10 screenwriting blogs a day, since I stumbled onto the scribosphere a month or so ago. My current script is somewhat of a romcom but more of a comrom since it doesn't really follow the format. I enjoy posts about screenwriting the most -- both the craft and the business. But the tangents are fun, too. /delurk


Writergurl, thanks for your thanks and especially for the endorsement of eye candy -- now there's a great Xmas gift: with a woman backing me, I can seek out blog pin-ups with a truly guilt-free conscience!

Welcome Lee -- I'm proud and happy to be among the scribosphere legions who help to get you off your arse. And hey, it's great to meet another National fan (I think these guys have the goods to take over the alt-rock world).

Neil, rest assured that I don't proselytize Godard in my various classes, having long ago learned that it's like teaching to the... what's the opposite of choir? lynch mob? But I'll take a brief piss in the wind to say, for the record, that "Band of Outsiders" is actually a good rom-com/drama and that even you, Shuddering Neil, might sit through (or fast-forward through) "First Name: Carmen" to see Maruschka Detmers naked.

Welcome, Jeff -- and thanks for "comrom" -- I love that! I'm going to start using it, and I'll credit you at least the first couple of times.


cool. but im still afraid to post at slashdot.

Write Procrastinator

Billy called me out on my old blog after I posted on the bravery of this post. I'm not a *blurker,* Billy, honest.

I'm a married father of one and an aspiring screenwriter, though I'm still questioning whether it is the route to go to reach the masses, so to speak.

I don't remember how I found this blog originally, I believe I was blog-leaping and struck gold. I work the graveyard shift and will read at least a dozen blogs before everybody wakes up.

I didn't want to slam Godard and...I'll leave it at that because I'm a guest here and I love the blog.


Uh-jim, I'm still afraid to GO to slashdot. But people who remember your stellar Love Poem video should go to your site and see the latest work...

Write Pro: Evidently one thing this little holiday party has yielded is the true outer parameter of the blog's viability; even the most amenable visitor draws a line at the feet of poor maligned J.L.G., who's become the official Bete Noir of Living RomCom.

E.C. Henry

Merry Christmass Billy,

I had the priveledge of meeting you at Expo IV, where you signed a copy of "Writing the Romantic Comedy."

I vitit your site, Billy, because I value your life's experiences, and love hearing what Hollywood insider has to say about anything.

Love "good" rom coms. Watched "While You Were Sleeping," "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," and "13 Going on 30" untill the CD's wore out.

I have written 5 specs scripts to date, and am currenly writing #6, a rom-com . While writing I am also actvily tring to hone my craft. Currently I'm focusing on your book, "Writing the Romantic Comedy" (just finished reading it for the 2nd time) and Karl Igleasias' "Writing for Emotional Impact."

Just got "Film Directing Shot by Shot" by Steven D. Katz as a Christmass present. Hopefully it will give me some insight into how directors think, and help me develpe the neccessary mindset to colaborate with them.

Eric C. Henrikson (E.C. Henry is my psuedymn) is 36 years old, single, lives in Bonney Lake WA, works at Tristate Distributors in Kent, WA doing inside sales on hearth products.

Look forward to learning more about you, and those who visit this site in 2006 and beyond.


E.C. Henry, Eric C.Henrikson

adam pollock

Another lurker slips off his disguise, revealing... an aspiring writer of romantic comedies. I guess I should feel fine about this. Going around incognito (lurking) in order to get closer to the beloved (here, the well-written rom-com her own self) is at least as old as Shakespeare. Or "Tootsie." Or something.

I'm an IT guy in New York City, working up spec scripts with which to sell myself when I get out to L.A. I've been reading your blog for about a month, learning what I can, glad for the humor in your posts that makes the going easier. Kind of like in a rom-com.

If I could have one thing right now, it would be a dinosaur booklight. Oh yes indeed.


Paul Crilley

Here's another lurker stepping from the shadows, these ones located in the the breath-suckingly humid climate of South Africa in the summer.

I am an aspiring screenwriter and writer. Love romantice comedies and am currently re-working my world-changing masterpiece. I worked on a prime time South African sitcom this year and sold a few short stories. Am hoping for a novel deal next year, and will probably do some more television work with the same production company. I just turned 30 years old and it rather depressed me.

Merry Christmas!



Hello Adam, and yes, that dino light is high on my list of priorities -- hope your holidays are merry and rom-com-like.

Hey Paul, I'm happy to hear I've penetrated the tip of Africa. But re: turning 30? You have no idea what a great age you are (e.g. turning 40 is much harder to deal with)! You're beginning a most excellent decade, so please cheer up.

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