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E.C. Henry

Wow, do you really think Rachel McAddams has the persona to be the next Julia Roberts? I'd hitch my ticket on Jennifer Love Hewitt as far as that goes...

Hitch was awesome. My family loved it. For me, that was the best Rom/com I saw this year.

King Kong in the Rom/com field is a bit of a stetch. Is its primary plot romance? Not really. It's Jurassic Park a decade later. Still, you're right, Naomi Watts did do an outstanding job -- maybe she's the next Julia Roberts.

- E.C. Henry, Bonney Lake, WA


Hey Henry: I also enjoyed Hitch, but felt Virgin had the edge, being less wholly formulaic. Re: Kong, read the award para again --I'm in no way suggesting Kong was a romantic comedy!

Scott the Reader

I agree on the Kong scene, and about Rachel McAdams; she was eye-opening in "Wedding Crashers".

(Jennifer Love Hewitt? Ack.)

Overall, nothing to quibble with here. Very good post :-)


Thanks, Scott -- a quibble-free review from you is high praise, indeed. Meanwhile, I've become such a McAdams fan that I'm psyched to rent "Red Eye"...

E.C. Henry

Wow, you guys are really sold on this McAdam's chick. Interesting... I wonder why? Does she posess the mythical "it." The draw. The alure that inspires confidence in movie goers to go see a movie, just because she's in it.
Jurry's still out on that. But the "it" stars posess is the subject for another blog to, I think.


Hmm, Love Hewitt?! No way, she has peaked. Pun intended.

Agree that McAdams will be a HUGE star. I like her more than Julia Roberts because A-She's younger. B-Doesn't have that horse mouth (although Julia's still sexy, don't get me wrong). And also she nailed 3 pretty different roles (if you include Red Eye) this year.

40 Year Old was very good, and Steve Carrell really made the movie.

Also, I'd throw Just Friends into the mix. I went into it not expecting anything but was pleasantly surprised.


did i miss it or did you not say who the best bellamy was? you mentioned a runner-up and a special stealth award, but who gets the original?

not being a rom-com fan i haven't seen most of the films mentioned, but i was pleasantly surprised by your choice of naomi watts in kong. in a v-e-r-y long film that was one of the most unusual and interesting moments. does anyone know, was it in the original?

Chris Soth


Made my guesses before I came over here over at Warren's (

FORGOT all about Hitch...have to give it my nod as the best screenplay, tho' both it AND Wedding Crashers, which I gave the nod to at Warren's (as Hitch had slipped my mind)...Both...


Or at least, are far less good there than they are in the earlier portion -- and shouldn't this be the best part. The challenge is, when WE KNOW boy must get girl, so much so the "boy loses girl" is often not convincing enough to carry the suspense between the two...Hitch suffers as the Kevin James plot holds our interest better than the A plot, Wedding Crashers does slightly better with the surprise Will Farrell cameo and the horrid carrying of its concept onto "Funeral Crashers", but still seems to be treading water till boy gets girl, alas. 40-yr. Old's Act III seemed like...a joke, and not a terribly funny one...a musical number? I don't know about anyone else, but it seemed like a cop out...

Bring it, Billy! Whatta we gonna do in act III?

My nomination for last really good act III in a Rom-com...?


And Rachel Macadams -- INSPIRED CHOICE...I'm rooting for her.



Hey, Prodio -- Have to confess I didn't see Just Friends (got stalled by some bad word-of-mouth), but I will definitely check it out.

Hi Chris, sorry for the confusion, but "Stealth" was just an add-on qualifier; I believe Martin made the best Bellamy this year. Re: Kong and girlfriend on the ice, I don't recall there being any such scene in the original.

Hey, Mr. Soth -- a pleasure as always (I've been enjoying the serial Kong rant on your site).
I agree with you that Act 3 has been the Achilles heel in recent rom-coms (really felt the strain in Crashers, as they tried to Do Something With It). Technically the extended "chase" serves Act 3 functions in Virgin (the musical number is just a capper), and while it wasn't original, it worked for me (particularly liked the crash gag, and Keener and Carell's absurd/poignant reconciliation, following). I feel that both Eternal Sunshine and Lost in Translation had strong third acts (tho I know you're not a Lost fan) and I'd argue that Cafe's last stretch was unexpected and more satisfyingly "realistic" than the norm.
At any rate, HAPPY NEW YEAR and may your Million Dollar blog thrive.

E.C. Henry

Just saw "The Family Stone." Yes, I see it now; Rachel McAddams is rom/com lead material. She has an all-American girl appeal. Loved Sarah Jessica Parker's permormance even more -- now that chick can act!

McAddam's has an "it" angle to shine. But can she use that to her advantage and land roles a "Pretty Woman", like role that elevates her to superstar status?

Wish Jennifer Love Hewitt would get such a role (to see if she can can carry a Rom/com). Right after those slasher movies she did in the late 90s would have been a primo time for her to really break it big. But, she's still got time. Yes, she's been arround for a long time, but she's only 26 guys!

Jennifer Love Hewitt is still my top choice to be my maidern in a high tower. I've got an article James Brady did on her for Parade Magazine pinned up on my peg board. For my money she's the closest thing we've got to Meg Ryan, in the post Meg Ryan era.

I see a cuteness in Jennifer Love Hewitt, that Meg Ryan has. I just don't think its been fully realized yet.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Enjoyed your assessment and hardily agree with you re: Rachel M. -- she's precious and at times reminds me of the young Lucille Ball -- love AMC.

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