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"But if you're lucky, it's stupendously foul. ... These are tales told by madmen, and the Great Worst of them have exactly the kind of loopy, obsessed bravura that A.O. Scott is talking about."

Reminds me of American Movie. I'm sure you saw that? The subject of the film has such awful ideas, but his passion causes me to have some admiration for his vision. He's crazy, WAY crazy.


Oh Shecan, for once you've got me (and you know I hate it when this happens): I haven't seen American Movie -- remember being vaguely frightened of it when it came out... But I'll brave seeing it now. Should fit right in between Space Ghost episodes and -- if I can stomach it -- Manos: The Hand of Fate.


"...a synergistic blend of vanity, vision and self-delusion."

Yep, want that on my tombstone.

But this brings up something I've been wondering about for a while as I've been re-watching films from the 70s. It seems like Hollywood has become too reliant on the Robert McKee - Joseph Campbell school of technically perfect but boring. There has to be structure, yes, but it doesn't have to be everything.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to out and write something really, woefully awful.

Zelmo Swift

Cassavetes said it years ago. I'm paraphrasing, "We must dare to fail."


Welcome, Zelmo Swift! I love to be able to say Zelmo Swift, Zelmo.

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