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Write Procrastinator


You did the right thing and not only that, you won't wind up in Camp X-Ray.

I never went over, I was tempted a couple of times from high school up until just before meeting the Missus, but I never could even get to the kissing stage because those gals that leaned full-on to the right always said something that mangaged to kill it for the little man downstairs or my heart.

Still in '98 slang, it's nice to see you *do* know how to get your mack on and you were representing writers to the fullest. Peace out.

E.C. Henry

Wow Billy, your most recent post sounded very much like Alvy / Annie exhange from "Annie Hall" you sited on page #42 of "Writing the Romantic Comedy" -- you really do "live the romantic comedy."

To answer your question, yeah, I'm attracted to women all the time and think about the possiblities. Every straight male faces the "big head / little head test."

When it comes to chance encounters with women, I am a very self consious person. I tend to think the woman's POV, and how she looks at me, then chart the long term prognossis. Invarriably I come to the conclustion that once the girl gets to know me, she isn't going to like me anyways. That sobers "litte head" up real quick.

Still, I admire your honesty in your post. And hey stud, give yourself some credit. You are very charming, good looking, who could get a lot of women (even hotties) if you set your mind to rampant sexual conquest.

E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Scott the Reader

I think you should carry a Bush mask around with you, for just this scenario.


ECH... every MAN, gay, straight, bi, try-it-all whenever I can... has that big vs. little conversation. It's not limited to you straight boys. The object of your confusion might change, the conversation? Not so much.

Billy, I'm glad you didn't go to the dark side. Perhaps you should ring James Carville and ask how he lives with himself.

I have meet several Republican lesbians... WTF?!? A couple were quite fetching. Didn't matter. I wasn't going for it. One got rather pissed when I told her; "A lesbian voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." She walked away in a huff, I went back to my martini, and drank a toast to the Gods that I hadn't managed to get caught up with THAT.


WritePro, always happy to represent...

E.C. -- from your mouth to God's ears, as they say...

Scott: that's a fine idea; only problem is, it makes me physically ill to look at that man's face...

WriterG, your Col. Sanders analogy is priceless! Back to our martinis, indeed.


I have actually had the flower of passion wilt on a single comment. I just can't let it drop. I feel the retort coming and I want to shove it back down my throat, but there it is and there (and by "there" I mean "bedroom") I am not. Still, you should have gone for it.

Ken Mora

> Little Head: With this much latent hostility the sex will be fantastic.


Let me see if I can remember back to when I was single....

Oh, yeah, well yes I did sell out, not that she was conservative, but she was married.

I swear, I don't know 'till this day whether she wore a ring or not when I asked her out. Since she looked like I just shot her when I asked, she may have been. But I was 19, and she was "my first" if you know what I mean (I think you do), so anyway she was seperated (first date), only it turned out not so seperated (one month later), then, yes, technically they were still cohabitating (six months into our torrid affair), but they were thinking about seperate rooms at least...

So eventually I gave up all my moral convictions for sex (hey, I thought she invented it, what's not to love?) and the whole thing left me an empty shell for about three years...

Score: Little head 1 / Big head 0

But the good news is that thereafter I was able to cry at movies.


Ken: I love a happy ending.


i can't help it...right wing women just do it for me. the last one i was with used crazy right wing policy phrases as dirty talk- "Tax cuts, yes!" "Storm me like Tora Bora, you hot, dirty soldier!"


Matt: Well, I guess I can see how that might be more exciting than a woman who'd yell "Support Roe versus Wade!" or "Feed and educate our disadvantaged!" when she's climaxing.

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