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That's it. I'm renouncing my lesbianism so that I may bear David Letterman's love child.

Thanks for the link. I fell asleep last night before BOR made it on.

Write Procrastinator

"Fair and balanced," indeed. Thank you very much Billy, that was brilliant television that I missed because I was at work and definitely would've taped it if I knew it was going to be that good.

I feel ashamed because I gave up on Salon along time ago because I believed the $40 would be wasted because the S.F. Chronicle's main business columnist was predicting their demise (cue Mark Twain).

I'm glad that the salient points of the discussion were put up there along with the reactions. Baba O'Reilly (good one, Schaffer) in this case cannot claim that the transcripts of what occurred were doctored. He stepped in his own bull and he cannot blame the left or center about the smell.


Melanie: I, too would renounce my lesbianism for Dave.

Write Pro: yes, reports of Salon's demise have indeed been exaggerated -- I often find good stuff in there, and the Video Dog feature is (as you see) quite useful.

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