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Oh that's so awesome, I have to go check it out! I had no idea this had been going on for a while, but that figures, I'm perpetually behind the times. Thanks for the mention!


Small brush strokes... short, to the point analogy. Thanks.

amy f

Great post. I've just finished a draft of a screenplay and am in the midst of editing it. I love seeing how much better the script gets by taking words way from it, not adding more in. It's extremely satisfying.

I think that skill--of saying as much as possible with as little words as possible--is one of the most important, and hardest, parts of becoming a "real" screenwriter.

Thanks for some very apropos inspiration on a Big Editing Day!


JJ: [nod]

Betsy, I think you'd like that "Wow and Flutter" -- issue 19 should still be on the stands.

Maryan: Welcome.

Amy: Glad to be of service!


The shortest post on my blog...

I have an ex.

She wore a distinctive scent.

I smelled it today, shopping at the mall.

Blue doesn't look good on me...

Think I got my point across?


Yeah, it's a sad commentary on today's society: considering 30 seconds of cell footage a movie.

Billy, sorry you're so bummed about the quality of writing coming your way. When I feel that I way I remember what was good: Forsest Gump, the Matrix, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days...

Amy F., great post. Glad to hear things are going well as you edit, and that you feel the power of the magic when you write. If you don't feel it when you write it, you can't expect others to feel it when they read (or see it on the big screen)
Hope you break it big!

E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Writergurl: Sweet!

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