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Funny, I was going to write to you about Love Monkey when it went on the air, because I found it SO phony and way beyond any music-business reality you or I know. And the biggest problem for me (well, one of many, being that I actually know and interact with many of these record executive idiots), is that you get to drool over Ivana Millicevic and all I get is Tom Cavanaugh. No fair.


I was pretty pissed when she led with "Visions of Johanna" because it's my favorite Dylan song! Now I feel like a copycat even though I so had it first.

But, um, yeah, I can't stop watching Love Monkey, either. Though I hate, loathe, and detest the abused "we're just friends but look at all these hints that we should really be together and have 10,000 babies" subplot.


i have to agree w/ binnie - tom c. is just not that good looking. his hair is too short for his skull shape, his ears are wiggie... i could go on and on. now that I'M that good looking but he's on a TV show, he's supposed to be hot!

i am feeling the same revulsion/attraction - i keep reminding myself: "it's early on! lots of shows are like this in their first two episodes! it might get really some point!"


Ah, Love Monkey...could they just not have cancelled Ed? The pilot was particulary awful...maybe it will get better...but I doubt it. Tom C. does make it all work, but no one else (except Eric B.) is on his level. And I'm sure this is the synergistic product placement world we're heading to, but it just makes me cringe. But I'll be back for at least a few more...and Ivana...ah.

BUT speaking of music - I know you're a sucker for a good hook, Billy, so here are three songs I can't stop listening to: "Hey Now Now" by the Cloud Room, "Come on Come on" by the Von Bondies (the one good thing I took away from 9 Songs) and "I bet you look on the Dance Floor" by the Arctic Monkeys. All worth your $.99 at iTunes.


You're weak! So, uh, what channel is she on? I mean 'it'. What channel is the show on?


Binnie: Life is indeed unfair, and television is more so.

Jen: Judy Greer should have her own show, where she chews up guys like Tom for lunch, doncha think?

Carolyn: Monkey getting good is what I'm really, really afraid of.

Blake: I've been into the Cloud Room, the Arctics are growing on me (not sold yet) and thanks for the Von Bondies tip - sounds great.

JJ: It's CBS, Tuesday nights at... think it's 10pm. Caution, that Ivana is dangerous -- she was the one thing that kept me watching a show I truly detested, Mind of the Married Man, until her plot line fizzled and I was able to bail...


Wow, I can't believe you didn't like the "Family Stone." I saw it on a whim (partially motivated by the strong pro Rachel McAddams banter last month), and was pleantly supriced.

Loved the Sarah Jessica Parker character. In a way that was realistic of what outsiders experience when nearing entering a family. Absolutely loved the bitter sweet end. It took me a minute to get that a year had passed by.

Billy, I appreciate you sharing your presective. Gosh that's gotta be rough: to read the script, then LATER see is a movie. Thus you can't really be supriced. And that's exactly what I liked about the "Family Stone," it supriced me in a good way.

Sorry, but I don't anything to chime in concerning "Love Monkey." My family and I watch "24" on Monday, and "According to Jim" on Tuesday. All else pails by comparision.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

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