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Oh god yes, I saw the trailer too, and it was hideous. Poor Aly in a fat suit... I hope she gets a new agent or something, this is just too sad.


I'm so glad you wrote about this, I was thinking about it - I saw the commercial and thought - huh, that's not funny. Spoofing Napoleon Dynamite? Is that even possible? That's just one example, but I really spent a moment wondering what the point was.


Wonder who's working on a dontdatehimgirl.com movie...


The service I'm thinking would be most helpful to guys would be whatshereallylookslike.com in which an online photo of the girl you're hitting on in the bar warps in exact opposition to the level of your inebriation so she always appears to be the same no matter how thick your beer goggles.

I think it would reduce the number of one armed men.


Marrije: the fat suit, I believe, may be fast becoming the "jump the shark" moment for actors (i.e. a point of no return for credibility). Someone start a "Save Aly Hannigan From Herself" campaign, quick.

Betsy: the trailer is so bad it has the odd distinction of seeming to be a good parody of a bad movie, which, considering the movie is a bad parody of bad and good movies -- wait, my mind is melting...

MaryAn: take the number of useless executives in L.A., add the number of hungry screenwriters and divide by the total number of people with exquisite taste and originality...

JJ: excellent point, as usual -- sci-fi writer, right? didn't I pick up one of your bestsellers on the third moon of UBX56-L? or was I simply drinking too much Kyrblitzzian?


The Seattle Times reviews new movies in their Friday edition. Last Friday I noticed that "Date Movie" hadn't been previously screened by our local film critics. That's usually a good indication the movie's a stinker and the powers that be are trying to slip one past the goalie before word-of-mouth burries the picture.

Look forward to your next post. Keep up the good work, Captain!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

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