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Well, gee, I dunno, which is more politically incorrect - shipping a lonely guy south of the border to meet women who would love a better life north of the border, or being a guy wanting to go out with women young enough to be his daughter? Ew, ew, ew!!!


Lezlee, thanks for the comment, but I'm a bit puzzled: who is "the guy wanting to go out with women young enough to be his daughter?"


"Cowboy Del Amore" sounds hillarous. Won't pay to see it in the theatre, but will rent it if I see at the local video shack.
Thanks for the tip!

- E.C. Henry in Bonney Lake, WA


OK, I'll see the movie - It's got to be livelier anyway than Broken Flowers.

Happy Valentine's Day - Great post!



Scientific advisor...

How long before we all just prick our fingers and let the Justice of the Peace notify us by mail of our chemically suitable mates and scheduled wedding dates?


E.C. you're welcome, B.A. thank you!

...and MaryAn: [shudder] slowly we turn...


Filling out a survey? We lie on surveys. Making sure our likes and dislikes match? BS. The most solid unions are actually between opposites.

Looking for love on line is like trying to find a gay man at a Bush rally. There's probably one there but it'll be blind luck if you run into him.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my Russian wife is preparing hot towels for my eyes.


Does anyone know of any good Online Dating sites that are literally 100 percent free, like you can send messages and read messages for free?

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