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Oh, you've done it again, Billy, gone and posted something that's made me want to write about the same subject!

I love love love the photo of you and you. That's awesome.


I was fairly distressed to realize that my most popular Flickr tag was "me." But you have to embrace a fair amount of narcissism to be a blogger, methinks. Or perhaps that's just my way of saying, "Hell, yes, it's all about me. Who's more interesting?"

Fun Joel

Great stuff Billy. You always have a unique insight. Thanks for pointing us to Look at Me, by the way. You should also check out Found Magazine, of course, and that site with all the old Bar Mitzvah photos (gotta dig that one up).


I have very few pictures of me (because I am always holding the camera), but thousands of pics of my kids, dogs, vacations, sports events, children I've taught, flowers I've grown, quilts I've sewn, and shoes I've seen on the side of the highway.

What does that say?


good post. you're absolutely right - lately the world is feeling like one big extrapolation of the movie "to die for". the funny thing is that the more people who put their stuff out there, the smaller the audience is for each, due to fragmentation -- but nobody seems to care. it's the illusion of fame that matters. weird.

i just did that picture thing. i got Calista Flockhart. well, there's a first.


I got Rene Russo, Julianne Moore, Ofra Haza, Catherine Deneuve and Selma Blair. I didn't realize the picture I'd sent was that good! There are almost no pictures of me in all the places I've been, much to my mother's disappointment.
I can see a little of Alanis Morissette in you, Billy. And, former romance novelist that you are, you're already so good at embracing your feminine side! I once met Serge Gainsbourg. Yeahhhh, kinda, sorta...


Thank you Betsy, I aim to inspire.

Jen, good question: who IS more interesting than me? Only ones I can think of who might qualify are dead.

Fun Joel, thanks for the Found tip! LiveRomCommers can investigate at:
We'll wait on the 'Mitzvah photos...

MaryAn it says that you're a well-rounded person without over-the-top symptoms of MeMeMe-ism (e.g. taking more shots of yourself than anything else).

Kristen: Totally! You and Calista, you're like "this" (insert appropriate hand signal).

Binnie: So, okay, we'll get the blonde wig for Catherine night, and red-red for Julianne (etc.)...

Late Breaking OHMYGOD news flash: Serge Gainsbourg and I share the same birthday! What is one to think?!


Ya think that site really wants you to pass it on to your friends? It gave me Colin Farrell. I've never been accused of being that attractive.

Of course, I also got Gary Sinise and Mischa Barton.


I got Colin Farrell, too! Just edged out Charles Manson by 1%. First time I tried it, I got Joseph Stalin. Now all I need is a five-year plan to get drunk and kill people...


Jefe, trying to meld Sinise and Mischa is giving me mind melt. I'm a little afraid of your face right now...

Greig: You need five for that? Five minutes, maybe...

Listen, this Colin Farell thing, I dunno: he looks so Cro-Magnon to me. Are you guys like, uber-men? Got that urban caveman thing going on?


Billy, I like the two pictures of you. Billie circa '73 looked he just got hit by a Greyhound buss. Billy '06 looks cool and suave -- like he's ready to make a run at Renee Russo.

Never been a big self promomter, or the kind of person who has to have the spotlight. My brother, however, is that kind of person.

Perhaps that line from "The Patriot" says it best, "I come from good stock." I've got two of the best parents in the world; I was always loved. I also get a lot of confidence from my faith. I know who I am.

I'm more interested in knowing what makes other people tick, and behave the way the do, then trying to show and make myself look good in the eyes of others.

Anyway, if this script consulting thing at Universal doesn't work out, you can always open up shop and having people lay down on the couch and tell you aobut their mother. Your blogging haw opend up an alternate career path, should you so choose.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


The more photos i feed that site, the more it tells me i look like Jason Biggs. My mom, in 2 shots from age 18, got Kate Beckinsale and Rachel Mcadams. How is that fair?


Okay, I'm either Judy Garland, Kate Winslet, Viggo Mortensn (must be the cleft in my chin and dimples), or Pamela Anderson. Um. I don't see any similarity in ANY of those four but I look like all of them? No. I choose Pamela. Period.


Kristen: And this notion that life is supposed to be fair, that's supported by... ?

MaryAn: I think their device goes by bone structure or mathematical proportions or [fill in techno-scientific-methodology beyond our ken] but at any rate: sure, go with Pamela, why not?

BTW to all Commentators (Hey, Taters!) I love how we're all leaving larger issues behind and fixating on the which-celeb-am-I? issue...

lurky other jen

The photo obsession does seem like one more prong on the Era of Celebrity pitchfork . With it come the accompanying concerns of teeth (whitest), forehead (smoothest and most immobile), boobs (biggest), tattoos (coolest), etc. But I think it's also fair to note that there are people who take pictures of themselves for reasons other than becoming their own creepy stalker/paparazzi. Self-portraiture is still a valid form, isn't it?

That site is cracked! smiling picture: diana rigg, alicia silverstone, billy bob thornton, OPRAH. non-smiling picture: beyonce, alfred rosenberg, anita mui.

the you and you picture is great.


Sorry, Billy, you were saying something about larger issues?? I was in the other room hanging up another mirror...

Fun Joel

Here we go:


Larger issues? How much larger than Pamela Anderson do I really want my issues to be?

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