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Love the cards, Billy. Cool style. I like that the images in most of you posts.

Couldn't agree more with you on most of what you said: writer's SHOULD try to give their audience a unique, memomrible expercience in whatever genre they write in.

I've heard the questions you've raised before, Billy, and it begs the question, "how many screenwring hacks are out there?"

Personally I have tremendous admiration and empathy for ANYONE who tries to write, because it is hard work. You poor all you've got into it, refine like crazy till it shines, then hope someone takes a liking to it.

Writing is hard work. I know the srcipts I've written I went, over and over again and again unill they became toxic to me. Doesn't mean I did it right or caim greatness, BUT I did do my best, and hang my head because of that. The more I'm in this writing thing, the more I see its a consuming artform.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Nice post, Billy.

You wrote: "the problem with OPI scripts is that their writers, who often aren't really writers, aren't really interested in creating a good movie.  They've just got a lot to get off their chest about widgets."

This seems so true about people in all genres of writing today. They seem like people who are more interested in their personal grievances than in the craft.

I'd suggest your man in Ohio start a widget blog rather than turn his struggles into a screenplay.


If I've filtered your coded comments through Trump's combover correctly, I think what you're saying is there is still hope for my script for The Kama Sutra Murders about the forbidden love between a serial killer and the FBI agent tracking him.

I'm having a little trouble getting past the "boy loses girl" part because he kills her but I'm digging deep into the RomCom black bag and I'm sure I'll come up with something - maybe a wacky best friend or an eccentric father - before I get my big break dressing up as a clown for Ari Gold's kid's b'day party next week.

Wish me luck, Elders of Zygon.


Right on, E.C.

So Dean: how do we get these OPI screenwriter to turn their scripts into blogs? Meanwhile, I think "have you thought about blogging?" may become the 21st century feedback comment that's the new equivalent of "don't quit your day job"...

Wait, wait, JJ: You GOT an access pass to Ari Jr's PARTY?!!!


Interesting post. I was talking to a friend who'd read one of my scripts the other day and she made a comment that was along the lines of "I didn't know you were such a romantic." I think she was surprised to see that side of me in what I wrote because I rarely display a tender side in my real life (outside of romantic relationships). I wasn't surprised that she saw it there and not in my real life, because I believe that writing, all writing, reveals bits of who you really are. Brilliant or prosaic, I don't believe you can hide who you are and how you really think in your writing. The question is; is it REALLY interesting? Cause if you can make it interesting, then yeah, I wanna know about those widgets but if you can't, then I really don't care how you stopped traffic on the Friday before the fourth of July...during rush hour. (A true story which I will one day post on my blog).

chesher cat

Love the cards. Love the post. Just one question: where did you have brunch?

Thanks for plugging my book and the resulting spike in hits on my site. Guess I owe you twice now. Your "Clouds In My Coffee" posts inspired me to approach the writing portion with a slightly different slant. Let me know when you're free for lunch. My treat.


Writergurl: From past posts I've noticed you've got killer wit, interested to see how you merge that with romance. So hurry up break in -- I wanna see your work on film!


Thanks for the answer and the plug, Billy!

I guess deep down we really know what we need to do. It's just hard to watch drivel like "Failure to Launch" and know I have material far superior than that (trust me, that's not a cocky statement when referring to that movie). I mean - isn't that why many of us started this crazy attempt in the first place? To write better than what's up there?

And I guess that's where the "difference" comes into play...


ECH: Thanks for the compliment! Just don't hold your breath, waiting for my rom/com... I'm still trying to get the first draft written. It's harder than you think, and THEN, I had to go read someone's book, (*cough*Billy*cough*) which made me back my azz up and look at a buncha movies while trying to disect them and man, did you catch all that shit in "When Harry meet Sally" the first time around? cause I gotta tell I just laughed. ESPECIALLY at "I'll have what she's having."

Scott the Reader

The worst are when writers try to write something commercial in a genre they don't actually like. So not only do they rarely bring something personal or different to it, they just wind up regugitating the same old cliches -- under the impression that the people who like the genre must like them.


WriterGurl: not surprised that you stopped traffic, but bring on the details!

Chesher Cat: I had brunch at Back on the Beach, and I'll be happy to meet you there, with my attorneys, to discuss the "Clouds" issue...

Scriptweaver: Writing better is the best revenge -- for those hours (wasted in bad movie-viewing) having been stolen from your life.

Scott: So true. And unfortunately, so often...


Writergurl: Glad you're getting into the genre. No, I didn't catch all the stuff in "When Harry Meet Sally" the first I watched it. The first time I watched, I didn't like it. Do like it now, but it took a second look after Billy's book and some others I've listen to over years sung its praises -- and rightfully so, it is a good piece of art.

Hope you have fun with your first draft. And hope it does well for you when it starts making the rounds.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Billy, I've gotten some hearts pounding with my next to last post on my blog. (It details the trevails I encountered trying to meet the deadline for the Writer's Arc competition last winter.) People have claimed to have "racing hearts" over that post, I think the "stopped traffic" post will have to wait for things to simma down. ;)


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The Austin Film Festival blog has linked to this post -- in case you didn't know.

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