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Put a mark in the "APPALLED" cloumn for me.

HATED the freaking movie. HATED.


The "Best" song? Someone has some splainin' to do.


I don't get it either. Crash was fine, but where was the character development? I can think of two better LA ensemble type movies off the top of my head (any guesses?).

You are having altogether too much fun with the posters. Anything for sad cowboy fans?


I second you on that Writergurl. That "pimp" song was attroucious.

Jon Stewatt, however, was pretty funny, especaiallly early on. He reminds me a lot of you, Billy -- sharpe biting witt.

Personally, I love the oscars. Honoring the best. The older I get the more I like that "honoring" kinda stuff. Loved the tribute Tomlin and Streep gave Altman.

Speaking of honoring, that Naiomi Watts is a 10! She should be doing callendars.

Best picture was a dissapoint, heck most of the pictures in that field weren't all that great. Where was "King Kong (my favorite thrill ride in '05)," "War of the Words," "Revenge ot the Sith," or "Hitch?" Those movies ROCKED.

I'm of the mindset that the Oscars are all about helping generate momentum for ticket/DVD sales for movies that are on magrignal fringe of mainstream America.

But even if they're fixed, I still love 'em. I love 'em cause I love people making the movie magic.

- E.C. Henry from Bonny Lake, WA\

P.S. I loved that little bit Ben Stiller did in the green suit for the special affects award.

Write Procrastinator

"I can think of two better LA ensemble type movies off the top of my head (any guesses?)."

Oh, oh, "Short Cuts," right? I loved "Crash," but "Short Cuts" has more replay value if you're going to buy either. Would "The Player" be the other?


Yes, which is all pretty ironic considering Altman was honored Sunday night. They should have just spit in his face. "Here, have an honorary, we're giving the REAL deal to a tripe rip-off..." Now THAT's Hollywood class.

Billy, effing love both the posters. Seriously glad someone else noticed AND had a headache. I was distraught over the muzak. That awful Tom Hanks skit alone could have been cut to give a winner his/her well-earned moment.

And Billy, I'd like to think you consider me a real American Indian.


I'm still scratching my head over the montages. Seems like if they ditched a couple of those, the recipients could have each had an extra minute for their speech. The only one I think was even necessary was the Memoriam.


By the way, noticed you have a Mr. Winkle link. Have you met his new competitor, Hero?

We're going to give that Winkle a run for his money!


E.C. -- yes, Streep and Tomlin were great fun.

WritePro: I'd add "Magnolia."

MaryAn, I'm with you on the montage overdose -- though the "History of Gay Cowboys" at the top was hysterical.

Hey KidSis, Would you like me to consider you as Navajo... Apache... [your tribe here]...?

Meanwhile, your Hero is looking good. Can't wait to see him in, um, action.


Shortcuts, The Player, LA Story, Grand Canyon, Magnolia...and there are probably more.

Elisabeth Fies

I'm feeling Sioux. Gypsy, Tramps and Thieves probably more accurate, but who's quibbling?

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