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I know the Oscars are stupid and meaningless (best films are never even nominated), but I still like to watch. For the spectacle? So, I'm having some people over, we'll play games, eat popcorn and I'll give out prizes to those who guess right in certain categories.

But I'll definitely see "The Best of Youth" on your recommendation. I wish I hadn't missed it in the theater.


Jamy, I'm no Oscar snob -- in fact, I'm an Oscar telecast junkie, no matter what movies are nominated, having been into the ritual since childhood (and having won a few Oscar pools in more recent times). This year, with Stewart hosting and Altman getting his honorary statuette, I'm totally looking forward to it.


Thanks for the recommendation. It's on my Netflix. Thanks also for the 2 perfect quotes. :)


Awww, now, why'd ya have to go and DO that? A SIX HOUR MOVIE? I HAVE TO SEEIT?!?

Man, damn, I had a hard enough time watching the LOTR movies and they were "only" three hours long. SHEESH! I'm warning you now, there WILL be plenty of munchies and potty breaks. I'm not scared to "pause"!

*goes away grumbling...*


I sat through (and was blown away by) the 6-hours-each stage productions of "Angels in America" and "Nicholas Nickleby". A six-hour movie, recommended by you, that I can watch in my pajamas? Piece of cake. I'm in.
(But can I get reimbursed anyway?)


Welcome, jl -- and thanks, of course: Netflix! Why didn't I pitch that? (Maybe I won't be getting deluged with DVDs...)

WriterG, keep grumbling, pause and potty as much as you like, but watch: you'll laugh, you'll cry...

Binnie, so I should pay you to watch it? (must be said with the proper accent)

chris Soth

6 HOURS!!!

Ulp. dvd offer. Hm...I've tried twice in recent memory to make it through 7 Samurai (same length) and I can't, I JUST CAN'T...


And the Oscars...hope you can party-hop by!


7 Samurai is worth it, but you have to split it up over 2 nights and watch it with a friend. I just got through it late last year.


I rented the DVD - I figured you wouldn't want to deal with international post and money orders! ;-)

I loved every minute of it and felt melancolic when it ended. It does have the feel of a fantastic tv series so the 6 hours are actually too short!

I'm going to Italy for the first time next May so this was wonderful preparation. You recommended this DVD on the same week as another blogger I read. Thanks to both of you for the suggestion! It would have been terrible to have missed it!


I'm so glad you loved it as I do. Having spent a fair share of time in Italy, I can say that the film is both an accurate and an idealized take on all things Italian (as we'd expect of any movie) but it certainly gets across some essences about the Italian character.

Anyway, let's continue to spread the word on this amazing marvel. I've yet to meet anyone who's seen it who wasn't blown away (and come to think of it, I wouldn't want to meet the one who wasn't).

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