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chesher cat

I had to skip the Thank You For Smoking parts of this post because I haven't seen yet.
But the gist of this quote:
"You don't have to be in a studio story department to see everything you do and experience as a high concept movie."
reminded me of a cartoon in last weekend's paper. It's a drawing of a busy freeway with a large sign overhead that says--
Entering Los Angeles
Population: 3.9 million
(scriptwriters: 4.9 million)


Okay Priopietary Man, time to show off those skills you've gleaned over the years and make Kenith Lay the next loveable protagonist in your next rom/com. So who would his love interst be? Hmm... Does images of him spark any torrid love making scenes?

Thanks for the buzz on "Thank You for Not Smoking." When it came out I was like, n-yah, no real emontional pull to see it. But now that I hear you like it I think I'll check it out.

Chester Cat: who cares if their are a lot of people writing. The real question, if you say you're a story teller, is do YOU have THE STORY, that kicks some tail. There are lots of movies but few "Forest Gumps" or "How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days." The key is to have something good you've already written, that compares favorably to what's already been hailed as golden.

- E.C. Henry in Bonney Lake, WA


> we always enjoying watching someone who's supremely good at something do their best.

One for the notebook!

I remember the getaway scene from "Heat" where the audience actually applauded the military precision of the gufight escape which killed one cop. I remember there was an abrupt end to the applause, and an almost guilty reciprocal applause when one of the robbers gets shot. It exposed to us all in that theater just who we were routing for - the bad guys.

Daniel W.

Billy --

I don't have a cellphone.


Ken Lay should have a story and it should end with him being boiled alive on national television.


Chesher: painfully funny...

Ken: I remember that moment -- quite powerful.

Bravo, Daniel! I myself was a cellphone-free Luddite until only 6 months ago.

JJ, I'd actually pay to see that...


Great post, Mernit. Also great comments.


well i quite imagined that is would be a bit more.... FUNNY.

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