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That is so fantastically random - i love it! i wish i could get away with saying stuff like that. But i have a feeling people would just give me "PAAAARDON?"


At least you didn't piss him off!


The only famous person I ever had significant contact with was Harlen Ellison and I needed a round of anti-venom treatments after that one.

Lis Fies

You actually EXPERIENCED the teen's celebrity fantasy; that they'll SEE us and want to be best friends, thus validating our lives.

So freaking great!!!!! Love the juxtaposition of earthy spiritual Werner vs. slimy stingy spin doctor.


Do you think he recognized a fellow artist amidst all the crapola of promotion? Or something like that.


Kiwi, "fantastically random" is a great phrase, with so many possible applications...

Binnie, yes, in which case he might've made me eat my shoes (having eaten his own already)...

JJ, from all reports Mr. Ellison is one prickly porcupine of a m-thaf-cka.

Lis, never thought of it that way but now that you mention it, I'm doubly happy in retrospect.

Jamy, I've always wondered if he was going out of his way to be personal/personable because he sensed the publicist was trying to keep me away from him...


Great story. Got to love Herzog and the effect he seems to have on his surroundings.

I guess it must have got wide coverage at the time, but have you seen this clip where he gets shot during a BBC interview?



Excuse me for my back woods ignornace in advance, but WHO is Werner Herzog? I just looked him up on IMBD, and found that "Grizzly Man" movie, and a lot of titles in German... So I take it he's a famous GERMAN director, right? With not a lot of U.S. success?

Still, interesting story. Sounds like Werner Herzog had a creative memory if nothing else. Find any practacle uses for that "licking" skill you acquired so many years ago?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Greig, thanks so much for the clip! I hadn't seen it, and it's quite wonderful.

E.C., a great place to start with Herzog is his film "Aguirre: The Wrath of God" -- you should be able to rent it on DVD. Lots of good details on his life and work in the very first link of my post (Wikipedia) and you might enjoy the cool clip Greig provides, above.

chesher cat

Maybe with a little regression hypnotherapy you will be able to relive your original Werner Close Encounter of the Best Kind.

mark lipson

wow billy i love this clouds deal. its your rosencrantz and guildenstern (2 slacker jews right?) at the keen and exact edge of "actual" world events. i love the flowers in the vase decor and coffe on to brew for Diane Keaton. (i only ran into her in airports, where i just stopped reintroducing myself.. it seemed really pointless after a while). and now VERNER... won't go into the errol m stories.. cuz most people know them... i just want to say that the ouevre is well worth looking this order.. I said so...

)the ecstacy of the wood carver steiner

2)even dwarfs start small

3)aguirre ( i want to sell my original framed poster)

4) strojsek

5) heart of glass

some of the above feature the german group popol vuh soundtracks.. talk about f ing trippy... we are talking about the strains of my mispent youth


ooops my name is really,
i think I am going to name you
Billy Zelig


I wish I had a clue what Mark just said.


Hmmm, MaryAn, I'll try to act as interpreter (he's an old friend, and --clearly-- quirky as the day be long):

"Zelig" refers to the Woody Allen movie about Leonard Zelig, the Chameleon Man, who became just like whoever he was with... In Mark's preceding comment, the "errol m stories" must refer to filmmaker Errol Morris, who Herzog famously lost a bet to, thus requiring Herzog as a consequence to literally eat his shoes (filmed by Morris as a documentary short and released, I believe, as "Werner Herzog Eats His Shoes"); Mark produced one of Morris's earlier films, "The Thin Blue Line."

As to the rest of Mr. Markensparkenfarkle's lyric ramblings, it's Every Man (or Woman) For Him/Herself...

Speaking of which, Mark/Mark: so intriguing to have both of you on board! (You're never alone with a schizophrenic...)

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Sounds like Werner Herzog had a creative memory if nothing else. Find any practacle uses for that "licking" skill you acquired so many years ago?


You sound like a human, not a spam program, so thanks for the comment, but - what's with your handle? I routinely delete any comment that links to a commercial site (and will continue to do so, despite this one-time instance), so if you'd like to have conversations on this blog, please sign in with an alternate (i.e. not product-linked) visitor name.

Rob in L.A.

Back in the 1980s, I wrote my university Master's thesis on Werner Herzog. I love his films, especially the ones before "Fitzcarraldo."

A year or so after I had finished it, Herzog came here to L.A. to give a reading of a book he wrote ("Vom Gehen im Eis") at a German cultural center. I brought my thesis along with me. When Herzog had finished his reading, he offered to sign books, and I asked him to sign the cover page of my thesis. He looked at the title — "Politics and the Primal Eye: Four Films by Werner Herzog" — and then said, "Can I give it an A without reading it?"


Rob: That's perfect.

I, too, prefer the earlier ones (AGUIRRE, HEART OF GLASS...).

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