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All of my love life, aged 16 until now (only a decade) would look like a bad romantic comedy on paper. I discovered this yesterday when exchanging notes with cyber-girlfriend The Optimistic Reader in an IM conversation.

Aged 16, I went out with a fella who turns out to be my now-husband's brother.

Aged 18, I had a baby by an emotionally and morally feckless primary school teacher.

Aged 20, I had an affair with a gay man. Yes, a gay man - I knew he was gay, by the way.

Aged 21, a gay female tried to have an affair with ME and stalked me within an inch of my life.

Also that year, I started going out with a compulsive gambler (a male) who would appear and disappear for days, even weeks.

Aged 23 I decided I was going to never, ever go out with anyone, ever again.

My original boyfriend's brother asked me out again and again and again all through this time. Apparently thirteen times in seven years. I eventually said yes out of morbid curiosity - he tells me he'll only go out with me if we "get married and stuff". I call his bluff and say we might as well.

And we did.

If that went in a movie, NO ONE would ever believe it...Largely 'cos no one believes me in real life either!!! : )


I read that item in the "Vows" column this past Sunday and told so many people about it. It just seemed to confirm my belief (or my hope??) that certain relationships are meant to be, but often need a little nudge. (Sigh)My romantic fantasy, I suppose...
Welcome back, Billy.


"What do you do when life exceeds your dreams?"
"Keep it to yourself."

The rise of chaos in real life may go a long way toward explaining Quentin's popularity. When life is this crazy, the only thing you can do to top is it fill a plane with motherf*cking snakes, man!

Or in Q's case, fill a Japanese restaurant with fake blood.


I know of at least two or three "reunited 30 years later" stories in real life that did not work out. I think that would be funnier! But possibly not so romantic. Oh, maybe the kids of the long lost lovers could get together? THAT would be funny.

Daniel W.

I don't think there's enough conflict between the characters to sustain it as a full-length romantic comedy, and the demographics of it would be all wrong commercially, since everything after the set-up would revolve around characters in the 60s. How do you expect to get the teens to come out for that? I think the story would work better as one of those little snippets told by the older couples in between the action in When Harry Met Sally.

chesher cat

Give one of them Alzheimers and you have The Notebook.


Lucy, I think there's actually good fodder for 2 or 3 romantic dramedies in there (of an admittedly dark-comedic bent)... most impressive is the "by age 23" detail... of course, memoir might be your most saleable medium...

Binnie, romantic fantasy is what makes the world go round (among a few other things)...

JJ, I guess it's about topping chaos with CONTROLLED chaos...

Jamy: "Kids of the Long Lost Lovers" sounds good to me...

Daniel: Spoken like a true -- hey, Daniel, are you working for a studio?

Chesher, now why didn't I think of that...

Daniel W.

Billy: Why do you ask? Are you guys at Universal hiring?

E.C. Henry

Lucy, sounds like you lived the staring role in "Arround the World in 50 Dates" even before it even became a movie!


Good to have ya back in the saddle again, pard'ner! That plane and snake movie sounds like it's gunna be a laugher. Bad career choice for Samuel L. Jackson, he must be hurnt'in to find roles suitible for him to play.

The NY Times love story was no Forest Gump. Yeah, it'd be cool to hear IN CONVERSATION, but I'm with ya, it would never play well on the big or small screen.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


EC - if I had only gone out with these weirdoes ONCE, life would be so much simpler... ; )

I don't think there's enuff oldie-sex in films. I reckon this wrinkly-rom-com could be a goer, if only for that reason. Come on...who's NOT curious about sex over 65 (if they're under 65!)? Does anyone want to enlighten me?

alisa kwitney

A great story idea, movie or otherwise, is an idea that forces interesting choices on its characters. In the original Poseidon Adventure, as in the TV series LOST, characters are forced to reexamine their assumptions and to decide what is riskier, following reason or taking a leap of faith, accepting authority or questioning everything. And the answers aren't simple, which means we see the cracks appear where there are fault lines the characters' psyches, which is why we watch (although cute girls and guys in tight, wet clothes are an added bonus).
Reunion with childhood sweetheart, no matter how charming, wouldn't interest me unless it forced the kind of choice that revealed something interesting about the protagonist. My personal favorite story of that sort? Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, (great book and movie, for those who aren't familiar, in which a widow remarried to a nice, respectable, boring man starts to see -- and feel -- the seductive ghost of her philandering first husband).Who's she gonna choose?
Sorry to be long winded here


Daniel, presently no openings are available, but if you'd like to send your head-shot, resume, and the scalp of the last exec whose back you stabbed and climbed over to get here, etc....

EC, yes, but watch: Snakes' opening weekend will be HUGE...

Lucy, the good news is that Something's Gotta Give did actually push the door open a few inches re: Love Over Fifty stories, so we'll see...

Alisa, not longwinded but intriguing; I'd generally agree with your Choices Theory. A completely different take on the "late in life reunion" idea that didn't entirely work but has nonetheless stayed with me over the years is Truffaut's The Woman Next Door: similar-to-Flor choices in a realistic, noir-melodrama vein...

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