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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Due to an odd quirk in my schedule I actually have a DAY OFF today and have time to thoroughly read your blog, look at the links (that hilarious video is actually SIX minutes long, not five, almost wouldn't have had time to watch it!), watch my tape of last night's Idol, can listen to Paul Simon's new CD and read Leonard Cohen's new book. And oh yeah, gotta do the laundry. Oh no, now I'm out of time...
Congratulations in advance on the Good News!!!


"Cut, cut! Not enough smoke and the snow was too loud."

Love the Wes Anderson commercial. Maybe the first legitimate contender to Apple's 1984 ad as the best ever.


Lovely, thanks. Needed a little something to perk me up and this did the trick.


Those are just like my stats. However, I figure those blink-of-an-eye hits are return visitors just checking to see if anything is new. At least, that's what I tell myself.


Binnie, way to multi-task. Well done!

Chris, yeah it's pretty cool. He may actually be a "best in small doses" director...

Jamy, we aim to please.

MaryAn, you're such an optimist! I always assume it's strangers who took one look and couldn't get out of here fast enough.


In-and-out burger, baby. Istn't that what blog sites are all about?

Look forward to the big news, Billy. Hope along with it comes news you've been given a big check!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Ken Mora

Funny short! I was expecting the same crew that did the movie Se7en reinacted by puppets, but these are different folk. Wonder if they're going to work their way through the AFI list?

I hope your busy is a "good busy" (you know, like a dry heat?). There's an old saying "You want something done, give it to the busy man."


I hope a GREAT BIG congrats will be in order shortly (accompanied by an even larger payday)!

Funny you should mention white men and dancing, in my current script (a rom-com) I have the male protagonist dancing "like the whitest guy in three states".


W.H.G.P.G.R. (Was here, good post, gotta run)


E.C., no check yet but one step closer on the road to same...

Ken, my busy is half'n'half; good quote...

Writergurl, that's a funny line...

JJ, TICYL (Thanks, I'll Catch You Later).

Write Procrastinator

Hey, I'm always here for at least one minute because I'm still using dial-up and it takes at least three minutes to load. With Scriptweaver's page and yours, I literally have to plan my online time and set aside minutes accordingly (worth it though).

Wes' ad is pure genius and fifty times better than M. Night Philadelphia-man's spot.

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