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That sounds just up my street. Plus, I feel compelled to see it, as one of the flagship movies of the "extraordinary person in ordinary circumstances" twist on the standard concept.


Wait--now you've raised my expectations! Oh, cruel irony.


I'm not so sure that I'm totally sold, but I'm going see it anyway because I love Eddie Izzard. I've never seen him out of drag. I can't even imagine it!


I saw it on Tuesday, and totally agree with your review. I thought it was great fun. Uma played an emotional basket case so well. I think that's what my boyfriends must have felt like when I was in my 20s, except I didn't have the really fab legs or super-powers, just the neuroses.

So, my only critique really from a story point-of-view is that the guy didn't really have an arc, right? Like in Tootsie, Michael Dorsey can't get a job because he's a pain to work with - that's his issue and by doing the whole Tootsie thing, he overcomes it.

So Luke's character - what's his issue that's worked by the story? Nothing. He just thinks she's hot and dates her. Or did I miss it?

Also, I loved the sidekick and thought Anna Faris was charming.


I'm so glad you gave this your seal of approval. I can't wait to see it. The shark thing has been making me smile for weeks, as has the shot of her bursting through the ceiling in her apron. I also adore Anna Faris.


Fine, I'll go see it. If I don't like it I'm going to throw a shark at you. Or maybe just a mackerel.


Bears a resemblance to Bruce? Not to sound like a Carcharodon Carcharias profiler, but don't all great white sharks look alike?


I laughed out loud. I loved it. Give me Luke, better yet, I'll write him a role he'll kill for.
One of my favorite moments was when G-Girl,pissed and jealous, won't leave the restaurant to save the world.
But the movie was filled with those moments.
I love Eddie Izzard too--I just thought seeing him in a suit was what wasn't working.


Glassblower, let me know what you think...

Jamy, yeah, I was afraid of that...

Denise, did you know he did a stint in NYC (and in England) in a way serious (Joe Orton) play? I'll bet he was fantastic.

Christina: Good point. They may have wanted to make it seem that he learned to be honest and direct instead of evasive and fakey, as his Buddy suggested... it would also be legit to look at the "arc person" as G-Girl, who learns a little something in the end...

Kristen: Yeah, actually Anna's been kicking fun butt for a while now...

Brooke: At last, someone to literally smack me in the face with a dead fish! How long I have waited...

MaryAn: Point well taken (one has to get up pretty early in the morning to get anything by Ms. Batchellor) but I'll just note (lamely) that they coulda gone with a hammerhead or tiger (yeah, right)... oh, all I can tell ya is that there's something in the clearly mechanical moves this shark of G-Girl's makes that reminded me of Bruce.

Ruth: Yeah that restaurant scene is one of the pic's high points, especially the by-play between Luke's nudges ("Um, honey...? Don't you think...?") and Uma's crazed "if I could get away with turning this other woman to toast now I would" slow boil. Priceless.

Scott the Reader

Nice review.


I'd say that almost the entire movie--or at least all the fun anyway--is found in the delightful, brilliant trailer. In fact, I thought the trailer was too good. It raised my expectations to the point where they couldn't be satisfied.

On the whole, your review covers very well what makes the movie work, but doesn't seem to cover at all what didn't work. For me, a lot of the movie didn't work.

Simply restructuring the piece and being more subtle with their approach in the beginning (even though many/most of the audience would've seen the trailer, and hence, know what was coming up) would've helped. I felt like much of it was handled in a very...tasteless, heavy-handed way. Like the beginning scenes in which we see G-Girl kicking butt, being a good super-hero, etc. To me they were so generic and utterly lacking in charm and sense of awe (amazing, considering her use of super powers: but, I guess super powers can seem surprisingly irrelevant when they have no prior context). It's hard to "cheese" me out, or get me to mutter under my breath, "oh, come ON!" But My Super Ex-Girlfriend did that right out of the gate.

** POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD (though I think it's mostly just stuff that's apparent from the trailer--if you've seen it you should be familiar with all the below) **

What if, rather than hitting the audience over the head with G-Girl and her super goodness right away in the beginning, they had us come to know her through/with Luke Wilson's character. We experience her strangeness, feel the attraction, and also wonder how the crappola is going to hit the fan (because we know it will from the preview); then, when he's invested in her we get into the complications of how being a good super hero can be bad for a relationship. This then rolls much more naturally into the breakup. He breaks up with her for multiple valid reasons: she's so distant (almost like she never listens to him), she's so unavailable (always traveling, vanishing with little notice...sometimes just leaving in the middle of dinner and not coming back, calling later to say she's sorry she had to go), it just seems like they're at different stages in life, and so on. With this setup, we get to experience Luke's shock and terror as he jumps into a new relationship with a non-super-hero and starts getting terrorized by G-Girl. I would've also liked to see the story take more seriously how G-Girl almost goes bad just out of super-jealousy...willfully causing damage to Luke, anyone in the vicinity, etc. I thought that what they did do would've had a lot more impact on the audience with a better setup. I also laughed initially at all her vengeful antics, but got rapidly tired of them, getting to the point where they saddened me and much reduced the "funny" in the movie.

I also thought that the "super villain" in the movie was mostly just a throwaway character that they had around for convenience. Sure, he was involved, but never in a very believably villainous way. Essentially, I thought they butchered the mythology of the story--with the end result that it all seemed so much more hollow, shallow, and pointless. In the end they even abandoned the idea that maybe a normal person who's particularly compatible with you is better than a super hero, super sexy diva who is neurotic.

The sum of My Super Ex-Girlfriend is simply that it had a lot of great ideas floating around, but it generally made predictable choices, and executed them in relatively tame/tasteless/dull ways.

Any sly commentary on super heros and super hero movies was lost on me because I thought the way they went about things was like shooting themselves in the foot...which is the dangerous, and extremely tricky part of attempting to spoof aspects of super-herodom while taking the whole seriously.

For me this was another Failure to Launch--a movie that could've been classic, but wasn't, not by a long shot.


Thanks, Scott.

Welcome, Abe: You make a lot of interesting points -- enough, I'd say, for a blog post of your own.
I admittedly avoided exhaustive analysis of "what was wrong with it," for once, because... well, you got the idea; the whole point of the post is that I wasn't expecting a classic. And while your ideas are perfectly valid, I think it's a case of "that's not the movie they wanted to make."

This happens.

At any rate, thanks for coming aboard, and I look forward to checking out your site.

Annie D.

How smart of me to come visiting you today; I just talked the husband into seeing this movie later this afternoon. Now I feel encouraged.

But now I'm wondering how the rest of your date went...


I'm glad to read that it was more than just the premise and the shark.

I can think of a few ex's that would love to throw some blood at me, along shark and another shark for good measure.


1) sounds like a good date movie.
2) because just like a date... low expectations makes it better..
3) cross clever spfx movie with rom-com ok you've still got me interested...
4) after all of the above, from what i can figure; this shark flying through the air... you see its like a symbol for the movie's basic concept... She is really throwing her alter ego or is it ID at the boy... and this ID is a VAGINA DENTA..... !!!!
5) personally, I prefer my vagina's (not really mine, but the ones that are kind enough to let me visit) without denta... will therefor skip this movie.


Annie: The rest of the date was fun, thanks. I'll let you know if the earth moves...

WritePro: Most men have at LEAST one of those...

Marken: Not interested in sitting still for 90 minutes of the fury of a woman scorned? Dude, what's wrong with you?

is that so wrong?

I think Uma Thurman makes interesting choices with her roles.... and you're right about her being good with comedy. She's very talented (let's be honest.... I loved the Kill Bill films) and I think she's got more up her sleeve that'll surprise us down the road. Except for the minor misstep of Batman & Robin where she was so far beyond over the top (can we blame that on the director?), I'm a fan. So, with the (surprisingly) good review on your part, I look forward to see this.

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