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Yeah, I was one who totally bought the Jessica Alba post. And got so grossed out I almost unsubscribed on bloglines. Ick! Context-free irony in print, much like German humor, does not translate well.


Re: which agent wears these sunglasses?

All of them.

Thanks for the links. Looks like a great way to spend the day at my day job.

Speaking of links, click on my name--finally got the .mac blog up this weekend. Thank God for long weekends...


I think after exploring the delights of this post, I should now be entitled to a nice big shiny certificate in Advanced Procrastination. Or a prize for "losing an entire afternoon while pretending I'm learning cool stuff about films". If only I had a day job and could get paid for that.


Great links! And I'm blushing that you gave me any credit at all.

(Your link to "MediaCritic" is going to "Japander"--thought you should know.)


Maggie: Well I'm glad we got this straightened out... First time in my life (hopefully the last as well) that my writing and "German humor" have been cited together...

Melanie: Site looking good!

Sal: I'd like to get paid for that, too...

Jamy: Thanks for the tip; post corrected.


The agent. Is it Jerry Maguire?


The dude in the Matrix.

E.C. Henry


You need to see "Click." Its not "just another Adam Sandler" movie -- not that I think that's such a bad thing anyway. "Click" is a comedy with a message. Not quite a rom/com -- though it tries at the end.

I think "Click" hinges on the audience's reaction to two moments in the film: first, your responce to the freeze frame on Henry Winkler's face (ACT II Swivel: Second Turning Point), and two, if you buy who the Christoper Walken character turns out to be.

The film reviewers for the Seattle Times critics utterly thrashed "Click," giving it only one star! Unbelievible!! One star movies are reserved for those in the "Friday the 13th", Jason franchise.

So... if you can ever find the time please pack your bags and take the "Billy Mernit traveling rom/com training circus" two states north for some basic film annalysis training for our region's film critics. Fair warned: if you accept this assignment I think you'll be training delusional escapees from the zoo, who think they evolved into being sophisticated, film reviewers.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Binnie: Nope.

MaryAn: Good call! The glasses belong to the Matrix's Agent Smith, so if you ever come to L.A. I'll buy you a candy bar.

E.C. Okay, I'll withhold Click judgment until I've seen it...

alisa kwitney

I have to admit, I didn't know what to think. After all, lust is a strange thing, and often derails irony, not to mention common sense. (Yes, Woody, I do mean you.) So I thought the last bit was comic caricature, rather than complete irony.

My own celeb crushes are a bit strange, too. Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock. Hugh Laurie as House. Whatsisname the torturer on Lost. So if stellar abs were your thing, who am I to say anything other than, Huh.

But now that you've established that the Alba thing wasn't true, I have to ask: Who does steam your clams? Actresses now dead or decrepit can be cited.

Annie D.

Billy, the FilmWise site is so cool! Thanks for the link.

Although identifying cinematic kisses and cleavages can be very rewarding, how about that page on the site where you need to ID characters who are about to die?

Personally, I think they should have included a picture of Angie Dickinson's doomed character in Dressed to Kill, maybe on the ride over in the taxi with the anonymous guy she met at the museum?


Good Lord. I so don't have the time for all this websurfing. I've torn the damned house down (where it meeded it) and NOW I have to put it back together! Thanks, but... No thanks.

*I do good to make comments these days.. withmess the complete lack of posts on my own blog. Sigh.


Alisa, well since you ask: For pure sex, my dream date is Penelope Cruz. For the entire package (i.e. sex + brains + have my firstborn child, please) I'd go with Michelle Pfeiffer. For "let us grow old together, with the bottoms of our trousers rolled" etc., who else but Diane Keaton?

Annie D, yes, that would've been a fine addition (plus some 50-odd other characters from Hitchcock films).

Writergurl: Well, it just goes to show ya that one girl's meat (see Annie D's comment, before yourn) is another one's needless distraction. Here's hoping you get to finish your house work and are able to chill and goof off soon!


A parody you say? And I was just starting to think I was perfectly normal with my umm, interest lets call it, in Natalie Portman....


All I can think of now is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

And if Miss Knightly is completely sure that 1,000 calories a day is enough, than she isn't anorexic. Don't we all wish we had that metabolism?


Pat: Oh, well, Natalie Portman -- THAT's normal... (and hey -- synchronicity -- check out Janet's latest post re: Ms. Portman,
by clicking her name in the comment below).

Janet: Well, maybe if we all had our breakfasts at Tiffany's...

The Moviequill

thanks, that cleavage game was just what I needed to stimulate my... mind this morning (wink)

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