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Wilder's commandments: Money.

Mernitt's commentary: Money in the bank.

E.C. Henry

Billy on Billy... Hmm... Me likey!

Wish I could have meet Mr. Wilder. Have you met him, Mr. Mernit? I have heard nothing but good things about him. Creative Screenwring had an article on him recently too.

Enjoyed the tips especially the one that said, "writers should strive to make the audience feel smart."
I think that's why movies like, M.Night Shallman's "The Sixth Sense" was such a hit. When the audience discovers the Bruce Willis character IS one of the dead people that kid can communicate with... lightblubs come one, mental puzzles are solved. Cool stuff. GREAT plotting.

Me likey.

- E.C. Henry in Bonney Lake, WA

Mystery Man

My favorite Billy Wilder-ism:

“You can't tell the truth flat-out. You gotta dip it in chocolate first.”




I love Billy Wilder so much...I can't even express it.

Is that his real headstone? If so, how perfect is that?


Thanks, odocoileus... though I don't think this kind of money would get you onto an L.A. blue bus...

E.C., it's one of my great regrets that I only SAW but did not SPEAK to Mr. Wilder on two separate occasions. Intimidated.
Silly me.

MM - Great quote.

Jamy: I know! (I believe it's the real thing)


thanks for the info. Insightful.

this whole process is a bitch.'s too bad I like it so much.


Grab 'em by the throat and never let go.
I must remember this I must remember this I must remember remember this I must remember I must I must--


Welcome, Jess: Exactly.

Ruth yes you must yes you must yes you yesyes must...



your comments were nice. :) i have to go kick my wall again to stop the mice from moving around.


Good subtext comments on Mystery Man's blog.


Living Rom-Commers might enjoy Jess's site, Twenty Something -- link is at the top of my blogroll, above.

And you also might enjoy Mystery Man's site (also blogrolled); he's got a neat post-marathon re: subtext going on... with a cool guest post by MaryAn (we heart MaryAn) among other goodies.


It just seems wrong that someone should be able to write so well, know so much about writing and be so articulate about it. Not that I'm envious in any way of Mr. Wilder! :-)

I like what he says about The Apartment (the book, “Nobody’s Perfect”): "I don't consider it a comedy. But when they laugh, I don't argue."

I was glad to read that because, while I love the movie, I could never figure out why people called it a comedy. But then it strikes me that it, like many of his films, has lonely characters at its core.


I liked #7 as well. Make them feel smart. They (we) love that.

John Donald Carlucci

"8. In doing voice-overs, be careful not to describe what the audience already sees. Add to what they are seeing."

Thanks for reminding me of that one. I'm in the middle of a My Name Is Earl script and the VOs can be tricky.



Bill: Loneliness... pain... betrayal... desperation... suicide... what's so not funny about all that?

Adam, wouldn't it be nice if all the studio execs in Hollywood felt this way? (Tho then many would be out of work...)

John DC: glad to be of service.

John Donald Carlucci

Bill: Loneliness... pain... betrayal... desperation... suicide... what's so not funny about all that?

You pretty much described The Apartment.


John Donald Carlucci

Please ignore the idiot in the corner for posting incomplete posts Sorry


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