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E.C. Henry

Billy, keeping the complete works of Jessica Alba on your desk -- how do you expect to get any work done, because as we all know by now, she's the one...

I have a couple totem/sentimental items in my writing space. But none more meaningful to me than the "original" Monkey Man doll, that one of my mom's friends from a Wendsday Night prayer meeting group gave me when she heard I was writing a screenplay features a dubious character of that distinction. This doll, "Monkey Man" or "Chimpy" as he likes to be called, watches me write and sometimes accompanies me on road trips. Since the original, I've bought a whole box of promotional duplicates, but NONE take the place of the original.

Other items that might interst you. Two peg boards currently filled with 3 X 5 with scenes/itemes of interest for the two screenplays I'm currently working on. A "Curious George" coin bank, thumb toy, and "Curious George goes to a Chocolate Factory" 12 piece candy box, which is currently empty. An angel Chritmass tree ornament. A rustic cross ornament that looks like it came staight out of the Middle ages. An ACCO 3 hole press. An grey old stapler I got when helping clear out one of my former employers, Maytag, durring their "downsizing"/"going out-of buisness" giveaway. At anytime one of following books: "Hello He Lied," by Lynda Obst, your book on rom/coms, Karl Kglesias' two books, David Trottier, Christopher Riley, a new American Standand Dictionary. A painted pine cone from a girl friend, who never really became my girlfriend at a church I attended in the 80s and 90s. A blue candle in case I loose power. A "Too Busy for God" poem that a little old lady from a Catholic prayer meeting I used to attend in the late 80s gave me. And my nansake card, "Eric: Ever Powerful", "But they that wait upon the Lord shall reknew their stength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles. Isaiah 40:31."

Oh, yeah, and a super-cool, triangular calender looking thing, "The Character Book" by Karen Henrikson, my cousin's wife. In the "The Charcter Book, cartoon caracter "Puff" contrasts good and a bad character traits like "joyfulness v.s. self-pity" --complete with a scripture reference!

Extensive list, but believe me, I have big desk, and its not that clutered. After typing out this response, I'm supriced to see how many "little stories" each item has.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Hello from England. What single item? A polished piece of marble from a bleached white tiny cove on the greek ionian island of cephalonia where I spent two weeks with my sweetie in May. Sentimental? Absolutely. Precious? You bet. And yes it will be included as a prop in my next romantic comedy. Take care.


That's easy! Stephen, my foot-high cement garden gnome. He reminds me to keep it light.


Nothing but the computer, keyboard, mousepad. It is extremely easy to distract me, so the most eclectic I get is the yellow sticky notes attached to my monitor that make it look sort of like a high-tech sunflower.


My bottle of water or beer, depending on what kind of day it is. If someone is pointing a gun at me, I'm thinking it's probably a beer day.


E.C. I shall henceforth address you as Curious EC...

Welcome Ray-Anne: sounds like a precious 2 weeks indeed; thanks for sharing!...

Christina, clearly Stephen IS the light...

JJ, isn't that kind of gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)?

MaryAn: gun pointed at desk, sweetheart, I would never point anything loaded (other than myself) at YOU...


Which desk? The desk in my office? The desk at home?
The desks themselves--at home it's the one I got when I was thirteen (and lived in Brussels but hadn't discovered Foucald), and was in a Marie Antoinette kind of mood. It lived in storage for years....
The desk in my office is my old dining room table...Jacobean type, carved up by my children's handiwork with knives.


That's easy. Nobody's taking the only picture I have of my Grandma. I'll shoot THEM first.


Apart from tech stuff like a computer and drives and speakers etc., where I'm writing right now has a candle and the DVDs I've recently watched or am about to watch (now: John Wayne-John Ford Collection, Sally Potter's Yes).

What's more interesting is my writing space, which is pretty much my entire condo. When writing, I'm always moving. I can't sit still for long. I have a computer in one room, another in the other room. I start writing, print what I've done, start wandering around editing, then end up at the laptop and start transcribing, then continuing the writing. I often write on my laptop, standing at the kitchen counter.

So my writing space is sort of a moveable one. I'm all over the damn place.


Ruth: Jacobean carved up by little knives, interesting bed of inspiration...

Writergurl: Have you ever posted it (her)?

Bill: That's very cool. I'm getting the sense (why would I think this?) that you're a bachelor...


My personal office space is free of clutter. Everything on a book case, or in a drawer, and completely organized. Perhaps that's why I usually write at Barnes and Noble, or in our closet-sized darkroom-turned-computer-room. I do better with the chaos.

But, there's nothing that I couldn't do without -- not on my desk, anyway. But I cannot do without my "WRITER" hat from the Writer's store.

I saw the hat online, and thought it was cool, but didn't feel worthy enough to wear it. But after a writing project went really, really well, and I knew I could do this -- that I could be a writer -- I bought it.

And now, if I have a problem getting started, and I need to force the muse, I pull out my hat. It's a constant "you're better than this" reminder when I'm stuck. Plus, it keeps most people from asking me stupid questions ("Where's the wireless hub?") at Barnes and Noble.


I think the most important part of the 'place where you write' is that writing actually gets done in that spot. For me, the most important thing is for everything to be in its place and ready before I get down to business. I think it's a left over quirk from UCLA, where I would study and need everything just so (my iced boba next to the high lighters, and my nalgene water bottle by my feet, with my class notes and books piled next to the paper I was writing, etc.) I like to think that in getting all 'my ducks in a row' before getting down to business, I've made a more habitable environment for my creativity to roam freely. It's like, if my work station is too chaotic, then my creativity doesn't seem to be as free. Hmmmm, did I overshare?


Nope. That's for me, not general consumption. I adored that woman.

My 10 cousins and brother (she had 12 grandchildren) have decide that I was her favorite girl child (my cousin Scott was her favorite boy). This is proven to them by my being the only one to have that particular picture of her. (It's a studio portrait so she could have ordered more for everyone else, but she didn't.)

She sent it to me while I was staioned in Germany, along with a dress box (you know, the HUGE box that formal dresses come in) of chocolate chip cookies, baked from scratch, by her. There's a note on the back, in her spidery old lady handwriting: "I love you. Grandma Betty"

Anyone who messes with THAT... dies.


Blurker: It's good to have a hat. Especially one that transforms the phrase, "I'll have to put my writing hat on" into something literal.

Scribe, you shared just right; that's interesting stuff, and I'm much the same way -- I need a clean, well-organized space before I can start to work...

WriterG, she sounds great -- chocolate chip from scratch... priceless.


You would be correct on the bachelor thing - I think that's pretty obvious. There's no way I could live as I do with the approval of another human being.

I'm astonished, however, at how specific other people are in their writing ways. I'm absolute chaos. I need implements and I need to get away from other people but beyo9nd that ... I'll write anywhere. (This doesn't mean I write well ... it just means I'll write anywhere.)


Most precious thing is a small pottery Japanese good luck owl, given to me by my daughter, and this happens to be propping up a photo I took in Cannes of Richard Linklater, Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr, so that corner of my desk is the one that contains inspiration and luck.


Sal: Good owl, good company.

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