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Lisa Manterfield

Ah, all excellent ways to avoid actually writing. Thank you for sharing. :-)


Welcome, Lisa: We aim to please.

E.C. Henry

Billy, the Johnny Questesque "Screenwriter" video was HILLARIOUS! Very creative, catchy, with really some cool effects.

"He's getting in touch with his creative juices (and the doll is on the pot)" and getting a grip on his self abuses." And the little kid's voice does it for me. That really made the video kick. Thanks for the link. I needed the laugh.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Quill Chick

Oh my God, i cant believe it's Billy Mernit! You wrote the most awesome book on writing. I'm such a huge fan. I often check amazon to see if there's anything new by Billy Mernit, and lo and behold, here you are!

Thank you for a great book, i'm thrilled i found this site.

On the subject of writer couples ... i'm so behind, i know... my husband and i once co-wrote an fanfic episode of x-files for fun. And it was so much fun. I'd write until i got stuck, then he'd pick it up until he got stuck. We'd pass it off back and forth. It helped that we were both major fans of the show, at the time. But, that was way back when x-files was still on and i was still thinking i wasnt really a writer (i just did it for fun). I've since gone on to convince myself that writing aint so bad a thing afterall. And, after reading some of my stuff, my husband wants back in on the writing action (thanks in no small part to some of your very own tutelage, i might add). So, hopefully, i'll get to collaborate again with him. I dont know why i didnt think to do so sooner.

Beth Ciotta

They were all excellent. The first one hilarious! The third...Holy Wow...For some reason it reminded me of Andy Warhol. Great creative way to kick-start the day. Thanks for sharing!


Sure, the video was funny, but I laughed more at the replies.


EC, Always keep 'em laughing, I say...

Welcome, Quill Chick: Glad the book was useful to you. "Writing ain't so bad a thing after all" sounds like a good writer's t-shirt slogan (although on the back, it should say: "...on some days..."

Beth, my pleasure...

MaryAn: Whatever puts a smile on your face, darlin'...

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