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Very cool story... Very cool.


E.C. Henry

Wow, intersting intersect with the music world. BUT in retrospect maybe its a good idea you didn't spend to much time with Bob Marley -- or you might have ended up in the clink, because the the "green stuff."

So as a musical artist, yourself, Billy, how much reggae made it into your own music?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


I love these stories! Thanks for sharing.


And the "Clouds" series is released as a book...when??


Oh -- my -- gosh. You were that someone in the concrete jungle.


Great story, thanks for sharing!


Gee, Billy, I didn't realize you were in "The Warriors."

Can you dig it?


Scott the Reader



Unk: And I have strived for coolness (to offset an inherent nerd nature) all my life!

EC: I wrote exactly one reggae-rhythmed song -- in my hands it was more what I'd call "Yiddish Reggae" -- called One Thing I Forgot to Tell You, which was recorded by the group Aztec Two-Step.

Jamy: we aim to please.

Binnie: actually, I'm working on that now...

MaryAn: yes, consider me a piece of stone(r).

You're welcome Writergurl!

Stop, Blake, you're hurting me...

Scott: thenkew.


bill, if this isn't proof of your ultimate, witness / Zeligisisty I don't know what will be. Next you are going to tell us that you were there
at the Lindbergh baby kidnapping! We know that Bruno had nothing to do with it... I want to know about the
transition from "young musician and omnipresent writer director, ..when and why did you decided to go over to the dark side
of the moving visual arts??
oh ya... and I think I want to try and introduce you to someone.


I'm sorry Billy, I never got past the part where you walked out on Springsteen.


Marken: I think it had something to do with the fact that inexplicably, I did not become a rock star. And also that I'd been making 8mm movies (that's right kids, PRE Super-8) since tot age...

Brooke: I was young and so was he!
(And of course I became a fan within a year or two. It was a very specific context, i.e. I doubt Bruce felt entirely comfy following THAT act, himself...).

Miriam Paschal

Wow! My husband sort of got to meet Frank Zappa once. His buddy was installing some musical equipment in Zappa's home studio and, knowing what a HUGE fan my husband was, took him along.

My husband was standing around, trying to be helpful, when somebody behind him opened the door and said, "Excuse me." It was Frank himself.

Your story is way better. You actually got to play with Bob.

Again, Wow!

Write Procrastinator

Great as usual, Billy! Commit it book form, man!


Miriam, I heart Zappa -- seeing him and the Mothers live when I was in Junior High gave me a permanent mind warping (in a good way)...

WritePro: I have in fact begun it, sir.


You haven't really been in college unless you've sat on someone's floor, passed a joint, and closed your eyes against some good 'ol reggae.

no matter what decade you grew up in. Pot and music will ALWAYS be cool.
(unless you're a nerd.)


Excellent. I love Marley. I used to host a reggae show on college radio.

I also want to add one of my CDs Worth Playing the Whole Way Through.

The Gossip's Standing in the Way of Control.

They've been described as a 3-piece raw punk, soul, disco band. You'll understand when you hear it. Beth Ditto's voice comes from another generation. She's enthralling, especially on Coal to Diamonds.


Jess: Reggae w/weed rules (even for the occasional nerd)...

Thanks Robin, I'll give them a listen.

Fun Joel

Thanks for pointing me to this post. I THINK I read it before, but I forget if I did or not.

I must say that "Coming in From the Cold" (which you slyly reference along with many others) is one of all-time fave Marley songs. I've worn out THAT vinyl myself. Apart from that, I'm just amazed at how many such little encounters with Marley I've heard about. The man brushed elbows with so many people over the years, and what comes from it all is that it simply adds up to an aggregate of a cool, down to earth dude who just loved music and herb. Nice.

j schick

the man was a saint, Bill. Thanks for the name-check and the accurate recollection of a cool Blue Rock moment.

Vintage Jewelry

Nice story! I like to read about Bob Marley, he is a legend for me and for many other people in the world. I enjoyed to read and to watch the photos, thank you very much for your post!

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