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Ann Wesley Hardin

Oh but writers are so much more self-aware, aren't they, Billy? So much less inclined to be fooled by the brain than others.

Yikes. Not sure I can handle the truth!

E.C. Henry

Thanks for the post Billy Von Frankenstien or is it Igor Mernit?

Haven't read Cordelia Fine’s "A Mind of Its Own: How Your Brain Distorts" but it sounds very thought provoking.

I give our brains a lot of credit, they work out SURVIVAL MECHANISMS for fuc____ (naw, I won't say it)world. I.e. handling situations beyond our control that we find ourselves thrust into.

Take for instance how one becomes a writer. Ever thought about that? Well-p, I believe it's the brain's SURVIVAL MECHANISM for dealing with a fuc__ed up (I still can't say it) world. Don't like the reality that's imposed upon you? Let your brain come up with a new reality that's more agreeable to your tastes. When your brain crosses that line, you've entered the world of fiction...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Oh, Billy, I've been trying to tell you what a mess you are for the longest time! You just haven't been listening because I don't have a PhD and didn't write a book about it. (Sorry, My Brain insisted I tell you the truth.)


I KNEW IT! How is this insidious brain creature to be opposed or defied when it is RIGHT THERE, not only aware of every thought and counter-measure one might attempt, but also providing these thoughts? Is this where headaches come from? If one gets close to the ANSWER, does the brain provide a migraine to distract? (does the book mention acute paranoia, by any chance?)

Happy Halloween.


When my son was 3, his fave excuse for trying to get out of trouble was "MY BRAIN MADE ME DO IT!" to which I'd always reply, "That's no excuse!"

No I know he was right and I was wrong...


I love this stuff. Thanks for giving me one more book to add to my reading list.


Hi Billy another thought provoking and seasonally appropriate chilling thought!!!!!!!!

Quite Frightening!!!!!!! Does she give TIPS on how to Tell Truth from Fiction????? I'm assuming not! Perhaps then, in my case, Ignorance is BLISS!


I just bought this on a weekend binge at the bookstore but haven't started it yet. Now I'm afraid to. I usually read before bed ... is this going to give me nightmares?


Ann, oh yeah, writers... like their brains aren't MORE insidious...

EC, yes, but the trouble is, our brains are already feeding us fictions to begin with...!

Binnie... the name sounds familiar... it's not Winnie?... I'm sure we've met and undoubtedly it'll come back to me...

Jen, I wouldn't put it past the brain (e.g. migraine attacks, et al), I'm tellin' ya, ya can't trust it as far as you can throw it...

Lucy: Troubling, isn't it?

Kristen we aim to please...

Susan, there is a little section in the back end on brain vigilance, but if you ask me, it's like fingers in the dike...

Caroline, it's more likely to keep you from getting to sleep!


You needed a book to tell you that you were fucked? Silly Billy.

Miriam Paschal

Ack! Ack-Ack!


His name is Sal.


Brooke: I am rilly silly Billy.

Miriam: Ex-ACK-ly!

MaryAn: Nice that he's introduced himself.

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