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E.C. Henry

Wow, you got Arnold to step aside for you. Proof is in the puddin'
-- the running regiment was working!

Concerning your experience with "The End of Days," I have nothing but the utmoast respect for your professionalism; to give six sets of notes on a script you didn't like. This part of your life really blows me away.

When "End of Days" came out in the theaters I stayed away from it, as I prejudically thought Hollywood was screwing with the book of "Revelation," but now with your cool story I HAVE to see this movie. And now you've got me thinking, in renting the "End of Days" will I get to see any of Billy Mernit's fingerprints on film? Did any of your suggestions/ideas make the movie?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

John Donald Carlucci

I agree on every point sir.

Your book and my DVD of Philadelphia Story are in heavy rotation this week as I plot out a romcom.




I saw that banner this morning too! Over the 101 near Universal City? The best part was it was a *perfect* copy of the one Dubya did the speech in front of on the aircraft carrier. I laughed about it all morning. Somebody must have been planning (and hoping) for months. I hope someone got a picture of it.


I remember (and miss) the long hair. I'm happy to say I don't remember the headband.


I had to stand in line for an hour to cast my vote. I've never seen that kind of turnout -- even if Texans did continue to allow themselves to be scared red.

Anyway, you're doing a great job. I'll call you later.


Wait. You are 5'4"? I'm a half inch or so taller than you? I feel strangely empowered...


Yea, another opportunity to be PeripheryGal to your Periphery Man. Spending way too many hours at the office that helped bring us End of Arnold's Movie Career, I did discover that the large overstock of EOD posters in the storage room made for some great last-minute gift wrapping! Does it really matter WHAT the gift is if it's wrapped in Arnold? No, Santa, no!


EC, if only some of my notes HAD made their way into the movie, some truly heinous plotting and contrivances might have been avoided, but I believe they must have used my pages to wrap fish in.

JDC, Happy to be of service and employed in such good company.

Chris, yup that was the one -- if you see a photo, please forward!

Binnie: Headband for longhair beach-running only (used for about 3 weeks).

JJ: But we're glad you continue to fight the good fight down there...

MaryAn, you freakin' TOWER over me...

Audrey that's hilarious.


Okay, I'll say it. My favorite Arnold line:

"I don't do that kind of verk."


Write Procrastinator

"I was starting to understand that out here, encouragement is what people in the business give you before they stop returning your calls."

Much like with romance and relationships. *Sigh*

This was my least favorite chapter of one of Periphery Man, if only because this election was lost months ago when Angelides smeared away(by a few percentage points)our best chance in Westly.


Also, End of Days wasn't just bad it was horrific. That one seen where Byrne is in bed with the mother and the daughter was so revolting I actually stood up to leave. What were they thinking? And when it wasn't a horrible mess it was just boring.

Scott the Reader

Do you realize that if you had been a little more assertive with your notes, that End of Days could have been good?

And Arnie's career wouldn't have stagnated? Then he would have had more offers, and wouldn't have had to go into politics?

It's all your fault.

Our job brings heavy responsilities sometimes.


LOL, Unk; I've always been fond of Albert Brooks's imitation of Arnold in "News," saying "I'll meet you down in the lobbies."

WritePro: Yes, well, one can't always love the celebs one nearly collides with...

Okay, JJ, but what did you really think?

Thanks Scott for fullfilling my worst fantasies...


Do you think he's going to have "I'll be back" engraved on his tombstone?


I tower over nobody 'cept my Chihuahua and the girl I sing with that even my Chihuahua towers over..

Ann Wesley Hardin

Brooke, I think it would be AWESOME if he did.


Brooke: Better that than "former president"...

MaryAn: Someone who really took it to heart when Steve Martin said "let's get small?"

Ann: But more genuinely awesome if he kept the promise...

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