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E.C. Henry

Sounds like you had a very relaxing hike, Billy. Don't burn-out, keep blogging. You've got a lot to say and if you don't get it out you just might explode.

Back when I lived in Boise, Idaho, my parents and I walked "Craters of the Moon National Park" by moonlight. After the 200 mile ride east, we arrived late. We explored the undergound caves untill it got to dark, then walked the hardened lava landscape back to our cars under a full moon. It was kina surreal. "Craters of the Moon" was an old lava flow that dried up about 2000 years ago and and caused a series of underground caves. Real cool stuff. If you're into hiking the Boise area is GREAT place to visit.

Keep living life and telling the rest of us about it -- Indiana Mernit! You're quite the adventurer.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


America hates ideas not people. We aren't blowing up people over there. We're assaulting the idea of terrorism. Those aren't body parts, they are the exclamation points of our statement.

I fear you're taking this whole 'war' thing too literally.

Miriam Paschal

Even before there was written language, humans have been compelled to share their experiences with each other. That's why they painted on the caves in Lascaux.

Mystery Man

Beautifully written. Loved it.


chris soth

I was on vacation too, and during one excursion was frantic for a camera, shouting "I can't just experience it, I have to also RECORD it!"

It's a sickness...but I have a kid, that's my excuse.


EC: Craters of the Moon sounds way cool...

JJ: You're absolutely right. We should be spending more time and attention talking of more important things, such as John Kerry's stand-up comedy career.

Miriam: Good point. That was around the time clubbing people on the head to communicate became a little passe, right?

Thanks, MM; if you loved this, you would have gone nuts for that moon...

Chris: A kid is a great excuse!


The negative hand.



Billy, the words. You can't help it. It's in your nature. IT'S WHAT YOU DO.


Well that was a nice break I'm sure. You can come back now.


Unk... you've stumped me (i.e. what?)

Binnie: ...which was, um, like, the POINT?

Janet: And here I be.

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