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Can't wait to give it a read. That beginning's killer.


Yay Billy!! Fab news, very many congrtas. I look forward to reading it in due course.

Laura Reyna

Very exciting news. Continued good luck w/ your project, Billy!


Félicitations! This is great news. Can't wait to read it!


This news made my Hanukkah!

E.C. Henry

Great news Billy! 78 drafts and 3 and a half years? Wow, what a story of perserverance and tenacity! You not only walk the walk, you talk the talk. Look forward to hearing follow-up blogs on how you did it. As in 2007 yours truely is digging up his opus, a 900+ page epic fantasy novel and going to try to re-write it, and adapt it into two movies.

Once again, congradulations. Wish I was with ya to buy you a beer.

See gang, sometimes wishes do come true. Keep dreaming...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA



all i got this year was one semester of grad school, a "relationship" that was definately comedy but so NOT romantic, and a candy cane from a gay man.

we won't argue about who is cooler at the moment. ;)



Bloody ripper Billy!!

So, now we need to know the important information, when is it going to Jessica Alba's people for consideration for the movie adaptation?

Congratulations, and I hope you get to choose JA's wardrobe as a season's present to yourself.



Happy Hanuka Billy!
And Congratulations!
The "Bertelsmen" from Gütersloh/Germany are quite ok - went to their J-School.
eep it rolling -



As Frank Barone used to say ... and actually still says in syndication: "Holy crap!"


Thanks Andy and Congrats,

Huckle I can't wait for you to do so, either,

Ann, so happy to be a bell-ringer,

Thanks Maggie and I'm quite hungover,

Thanks Kristen: It's the gift that keeps on giving,

Great question Christina, and you know I want Chip Kidd,

Barbara I am loving it,

Thank you Abby for the kvelling,

Thanks Binnie,

Marrije it IS a marvel,

Optimistic: Well done and rare, actually,

Jamy I'm still reeling,

Thank you Mr. Green,

Ann: What a thought!

Glenn: Yes, that would be BLACKMAIL money...

Denise thank you so much for restoring the proper meaning of an abused word,

Daniel, All you have to do is build a time machine,

Jenny, you and me both!

Adam, I look forward to being in your "M"s...

Annie: I look forward to that,

HH: Nice to know I'm in tony-land. Thanks for the Pub's tip. And isn't Brian's name great?

Thanks Scott: And we'll be celebrating you soon, I'm sure...

Writergurl: But you "happened" to me! And that's a happy thing.


Thank you Lexington, I'm glad you like the opening,

Thank you Sal!

Gracias Laura!

Merci, Martine!

Oy, Neil!

EC, you wonderful nut-head, you --
"seven-eight" means "seven to eight" drafts -- 78 would have killed me, but thank you for believing I did that many! And yes, let's all keep dreaming...

Jess: I hope it was a tasty candy cane at least, and listen -- getting to this particular overnight success took close to 40 writing years, so hang on...

Thank you Dave for immediately getting to the most important heart of the matter. We'll be out to Ms. Alba's people ASAP.

Thank you Kathrin for the "OK" on the Bertelsmens,

And I guess the only proper response, Butch, would be: "Marie, beer!"


I am beyond thrilled for you - I knew I crushed on you for a reason! Oh, and I'm going to give you my standard response for these occasions: when you become famous, I'm going to tell people we slept together.


Congratulations!! What wonderful news to receive right before the Holidays!


Woohoo Billy! I agree with E.C.! You must blog about all of this...from the beginning to now and everything that comes after this good news! You must do it for all of us here who love you and are so happy for your great news! I am finishing up my romantic comedy novel and I need as much of your wisdom and experience as I can get.

Let it all hang out Billy! YAY!

Happy Holidays to you and all the beautiful writers here!


Oh my Billy! I just read the page of Making Up from your website and I WANT MORE! So real and true and funny and a walk inside the mind of a great writer and person!

Can't wait to get this book and SEE this movie!

Who would you want to play the male lead, Billy? What about Isabella?

Oh my, PLEASE get Random House to push this baby out to the public by Fall, 2007!

Love it Billy! THANKS!

Beth Ciotta

Jeez. Look what happened while I was away! CONGRATULATIONS, BILLY! I felt your excitement and joy as I read your news and giggled at the thought of you doing the candle-lit herky-jerky. Adore the concept for MAKING UP. Can't wait to read. You're in for a fabulous ride. Enjoy every second! Oh! And Happy Hannakah!


Congratulations Billy!
I loved the first four pages and can't wait to read the rest.


I dunno, I leave you alone for five minutes and you're making massive publishing deals and generally taking over the world!!! I knew I was a jinx...

Made up for you Billy. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Nice one!


"B" is for the Bertelsmann who said yes; "I" is for the ink on every page; "L" is for the life you live with such zest; "L" is for le libre en francais....;"Y"? Because you deserve it, you candle-in-the-butt monkey-dancing sonofabitch!Yay!!! Congratulations!


I'm toasting to YOU as I bang this out with one finger.




Billy, I was just listening to your CD, 1973-2003 Hits, and I was thinking...why not have a CD come with the book as mood music to read the novel by! Yay!

When do we get our advance copies?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and ALL THE BEAUTIFUL WRITERS AND FRIENDS HERE!


Billy, I couldn't be more pleased for you (well, unless it was my own novel that just sold to Random House). Well done and thank goodness we have some nice romantic comedy to look forward to. There's been a horrible drought in film and actually in books too, lately. Looking forward to the updates. If you do a splashy book tour, please make Toronto a stop and maybe I can help you get some coverage.

Happy holidays, y'all.


I was just reading the February 2006 post-- Your Dream Here, It Came from Inner Space-- where you created a movie poster for MAKING UP.





Mazel tov! Hard earned and well deserved. Just don't forget about us little people as you ascend to the writers' stratosphere :)


Congratulations, Billy! What wonderful news. I am so happy for you and can't wait to READ IT. (you must make certain that your Splashy Book Tour stops at Powell's!)

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