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chesher cat

Huge congrats!

What a great way to close '06 and ring in '07.

I am sooooo happy for you!!!!

Miriam Paschal

I read this last week, but was too rushed to give it the full attention it deserves.

Congratulations, Billy. I look forward to hearing about the whole process until the day it hits the shelves.

Another WooHoo from me.


Brooke: And I'll say it was an unforgettable experience.

Thank you JavaCurls! You're right, no gifts necessary...

DebbieB: Since you asked, I see John Cusack in the lead. First choice for Isabella would be Penelope Cruz.

Thanks, Beth: I'm enjoying it as much as I can, believe me!

Welcome, Tiago -- I'm glad you liked the first four. Your site looks muy interesante also, and I wish I could speak Spanish so I could read some posts.

Thanks, Lucy -- You're no jinx; it just happened to happen this way...

Thanks Audrey! This SOB says next time you see me, rub me for good luck.

Thanks, Unk! Let's all get toasted.

DebbieB: Thanks for listening to the CD. I think this book ought to stand up on its own, though. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you.

Caroline: I definitely hope to hit Canada on the book tour (not that I can believe I'm talking about a "book tour"...)

Thank you Chris -- Wait, I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?

Jen: Since I know now that Powell's RULES, I will be there for sure.

Thanks Chesher! A happy new year indeed,

And a WOOHOO back at you, Miriam!


Billy, that is absolutely fantastic news! Congratulations! I'll be super psyched to read it.


Great news, Billy. I've been trapped in holiday-land w/o internet (shudder), so this is happy news indeed to find among all the overflow. Best of luck going forward.


Congratulations, Billy!


Betsy: And I'm psyched to join your illustrious company. Happy New Year!

Gracias, Melanie, and may you get your on-line mojo back!

Thank you MaryAn!!!

Amy F.

Tuning in a bit late, but still want to say congratulations!! I hope you took that awesome news, threw it on the ground, and rolled around in it for a while.



That's brilliant!

You go. I'll be queuing up for a copy soon as it hits the stacks.


Wonderful - Fantastic - Marvelous!
Congratulations and Cheers for a beautiful New Year. Can't wait to read "Making Up" and then see it at the multiplex :-)


Thanks, Amy -- yes I did, like a terrier!

Thanks much Piers!!

Thank You ScribeLA!!! I'll be the guy skulking round the edges of the line counting heads...

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